Lightworker Invocation Command

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January 2011 Meditation

Lightworker Invocation Command

(PREREQUISITE: 12D Purification and Calibration - RUN 3 times) Open 12D Hub Command and Override Negative Spin points in the environment -Learn how to build your 12 D foundation and increase your field and spin a 12D vortex for environmental/space clearing and personal protection.Tailored for those who feel called to planetary gridwork, assisting communities, land/home protection, ES gridwork projects, etc. How to open portals in the environment to override negative reversals to christ code alignments.Aurora re-encryption lattice activation. ( Avatar of Ascension lattice) Primordial tones: KA RA YA SA TA HA LA

12D Purification and Calibration

See Crux Implant Removal Command.

TAGS: primordial tones, 12D vortex, space clearing, planetary gridwork, aurora re encryption lattice, krysthala

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