Maharata Combo Clearing

From Ascension Glossary

May 2010 Meditation

Maharata Combo Clearing

SUPER DUPER CLEARING!! A combo of epsilon sequence technique, core soul protection, return to rightful owner command, j seal removal, release of redemptive vehicle command, 12D calibration/purification, and merkaba alignment to the hon-a-til-E-a. Learn how to reinforce the Christ frequency with the ma-ha-ra-ta mantra and clear vesica pisces, Thothian reversal black magic, sexual ritual and implants, distorted mystery school teachings, reptilian tailbone, and invasion memories from Egyptian Timelines. Also clear solar cross, distorted astral programs, false navel/white light matrix, false 5D ascension programs, alien implants, and genetic cloning.

TAGS: Merkaba, Maharata, Vesica Pisces, Thoth, Reptilian Tailbone, Solar Cross, 5d False Ascension, False Navel, Black Magic, Return to Rightful Owner Command, J seal Removal, Redemptive Vehicle, 12D Purification

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