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Master Number Codes are given to create security transmission between the user and Guardian Host Network, to unlock chakra seals for frequency access and integration, and to imprint and anchor these activations to be embodied within the physical self. Most of us have lost or damaged access codes (from damaged DNA or soul trauma). Also the User may receive codes strictly for general “imprinting” to support the body consciousness to hold higher frequencies or connect to the Guardian Host. They are similar to identify a coordinate location or an access code and/or a dial up “phone number”.


Master Number Codes lock down your access and are utilized for optimum efficiency in holding corrections within your physical as an embodiment of the code. Master Number Codes maximize frequency activations and support your bodily systems in a harmonized alignment. This is especially helpful for reprogramming, as “alien machinery” and other mind control systems use coded sequences like this to locate the target, and so this process will allow the user to reset their own “consciousness password”, very similarly to changing your password to access an internet email account or membership website. This allows the user secure access to their own body, while terminating any “unauthorized users” from accessing the system.


Paraphrased from Pages 191 -192 HGS Manual


In the context of a HGS session, a Master Number Code (MNC) may be generated as personally guided through the practitioner HSP in a multitude of ways for use to secure the session content. It is through personal HSP this code may be generated, so it is always unique to the user. For those reasons only guidelines can be provided here that describe more detail of how MNC are used in a HGS session:

1. To create a IP address for the session to be linked into and secured through a specific “line” or location. Like an internet address, the number generates an address which is placed at a location of the field where the HGS Mentor band can keep the session content secure for the needed duration. This may also work like a cell phone with getting a dial up number. This may be at any time during the session.

2. To create the energetic amplification for the necessary clearing/event within the communication link connected from a higher dimensional space. Sometimes the user location cannot be accessed with necessary broadband strength from the point in the field that the HGS Mentor Band has an access, which stems from a multitude of environmental or energetic factors. (interference, ELF disturbances, communication link blockage, gamma rays, atmospheric condition, etc.)

3. To create communication link which may be used for observation, re-coding the Instruction set (Morph field), or group class or case study in another dimension for Krystal Host. Case studies can be required when architectural damage in the field require specific problem analysis. Our HGS Teams provide this case study upon performing certain sessions. This is to increasingly strengthen and perfect the architectural template within the group efforts and the HGS Field instruction sets from the ground crew level (us) and as they link into multiple other domains under Krystal Star hosting.

4. Personal lightbody recoding sequences, MNC may be for securing body parts, ie. Chakras, 12 Tree Spheres, Crown Chakra, etc.

5. Planetary lightbody recoding sequences, MNC may be used for securing Stargates, Spheres, Vortices, Ley Lines, and Pylon Networks for communication with and between parties for the Krystal Host.

6. Dial up line to various Ascension or Planetary Templar Teams that have certain expertise with the session content. Secure Data transmissions for any Krystal communication station.

Since the MNC is generated for secure session and energy lines it is highly probable that the best course of action in general terms, is to keep the MNC personal to the user. HGS is spiral in nature, and the MNC field collapses when session is closed, it is generally undetected within a “closed” session content that is shared after the fact. So sharing the MNC code to the public may defeat the intention of why the code was generated, for any multitude of purposes.

So for general guideline, when a MNC is generated within a session content, keep it private or internalized.


HGS Stewards Discussion

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 74