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There are base tone dimensional keys, overtone dimensional keys and resonating dimensional keys that make up the three layers of the dimensional “frequency” strings comprising the entire Universal Time Matrix and its Master Key Tone DNA Structure. When severe damage occurs to any layer of the frequency tone(s) with a damaged key, that tone will not resonate in key with the other harmonic strings, which is like saying, there is no resonance to activate that frequency, so the harmonic tone and its key effectively, are “dead”. These dead strings are also a reason to why organic 5D Ascension plan was aborted, as the stellar body activations produce consecutive frequency strings that the earth was not able to “absorb” its critical mass into her collective fields. These dead strings create pools of static dead energy, dead energy spaces collect called “Phantom Matrix,” and like a waste product, generate black layers of “Planetary Miasma”.[1]

The individual human body is a tone resonator for the variation of frequencies that are transmitted by the planetary body as their nerve cell receivers pick up their chosen resonant tone frequencies. In this way all human bodies are frequency tone resonators. These tonal frequencies resonate at the level we allow them to penetrate our auric energy field and consciousness, as this is a level of personal choice. However, because of the alien deception, most humans have not been informed nor empowered to determine how to choose higher frequencies through their chosen thought-forms. Also many frequency strings of our core soul bodies have been damaged or gone missing without our direct consent or knowledge. Mind control implants from the astral plane and the logos plane have been effective ways to keep many of the masses looping in artificial fear programs.[2]


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