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The Universal logos embodiment and until recently the host of this planetary ascension cycle is known as the Melchizedek, which in sacred star language translates into the One. Melchizedek Ur is the Universal Light Logos, the Priest Order, the Book and the Law. The Melchizedek Ur is the Ruler- High Priest of which is called upon by the Christos, when transformation of forces through the right use of the “law” is required to restore peace and harmony to any situation. As a High Priest/Priestess granted access to the Books of God, right use of the Law is applied to synthesize both lunar and solar forces, both dark and light forces into Oneness. The Christos is a Melchizedek and holds it’s “office” through the application of High Priest duties, which crown him as the rightful King and Servant to perform these duties for the People. Call upon Melchizedek Ur when white magical power, duties, rites or services are being created as a function as the High Priest of God, to serve God’s Law of One through the Cosmic Christos principle of One. Melchizedek Ur is to be called upon for the revelation and transformation of the hidden shadow selves of the Twilight Master (represented as both inner and outer aspects of our/selves) and for the rehabilitation of recovering Black Magicians and their rites, grids and effects. The Ur of Melchizedek will shine its light upon the truth of right action within the situation in any timeline. Melchizedek is being shifted from overtone to Mother Arc’s base tone (Base Tone).


HGS Manual, Page 162


As an Amplifier (Talisman) used in a HGS Session - High Priest King-Queen - Universal Grid.

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 162