Mental Rigidity

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Mental Rigidity is an Archontic Deception Behavior that is used to condition humanity to be judgmental and closed minded, in so to enforce the fear based and anti-human mind control structures that are used for population enslavement. People reliant on the Negative Ego belief system perpetrated in 3D control structures, tend to form excessive mental rigidity that may cause mental fracturing if not corrected.

AD Behaviors

We are conformed to an acceptable consensus for reality through power elite use of controlled scientific/academic means which will ridicule, persecute, crucify and potentially kill a person that dare threaten their system of control, belief, money or power. Through this enforced intimidation program a human may mimic its oppressors and victimizers. Mental Rigidity produces heart and intuitive sensory disconnection.

Judgmental People

Judgmental people think on a very shallow level and tend to be unaccepting of people who come from different socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. Judgmental people also almost never seek to understand others, but instead spend their free time involved in gossip.[1]

Victimizer Archetypes

Through the intentional Psycho-Spiritual Warfare made against the minds of the human population, the population is made subservient to follow the NAA masking as the False King of Tyranny and Power Elite. The enforcement of these Controller Programs is accomplished by forcing identities and thought patterns into the minds of the people called Victimizer Archetypes. When we understand these Victimizer Archetypes are being targeted in the human race, we can learn how they work to drain our energy and feed Consumptive Modeling, and Parasitism, thus, we can stop playing into these archetypes that produce judgments and not let other people project their judgmental archetypes onto us.

Antidote to Heal

The antidote to heal states of Mental Rigidity is practicing Mental Openness.

(GSF) Mental Openness: We are able to consider and be open to many different ways of being, thinking or life philosophy without feeling threatened, defensive or sarcastic. This is a state of non-judgment. Discoveries and new learning opportunities are valued as desirable and supported in others. Mental flexibility for greater intelligence and creative problem solving is available for the mutual beneficial exchanging of ideas. Mental openness allows intuitive development and higher sensory perception. See Exercising an Open Mind.


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