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Nonjudgmental Awareness is the simple action of refraining from automatically cataloging experiences with people, places or things with immediate terms that assign positive or negative beliefs, such as good or bad labels that generate bias, division and closed mindedness.

Our learning experiences in life are manifested through the major contrasts that we encounter, the catalytic movement that occurs between the pairs of opposing energies as they meet in the physical. When we accept these opposing poles as the nature of reality, we find more acceptance for ourselves, and we stop trying to control and judge others. We realize that others are enduring the exact same learning process we are, meeting many different contrasts in the pairs of opposites that show up in life.

When we move through very challenging circumstances that throw many disruptive contrasts into our life experience, in hindsight we will generally find how much potential that difficult situation had for gaining self-knowledge and wisdom. When we face these problems with nonjudgmental awareness, we are finding deeper insights to who we really are, and noting that this event had put us on a totally different trajectory in our life path. When we endure painful or difficult life challenges, we may label them negatively at the time, only to find out later, how much we really gained from the changes that experience had put us through. There is tremendous opportunity for personal growth that is hidden within every great challenge we have, many situations and people that we may have judged as extremely negative, at the time of the occurrence. Later on, we can find the silver lining by comprehending how that experience helped us to become the stronger and more self-aware person we are today. [1]

Negative Ego

The Negative Ego mind control has conditioned humans to be excessively judgmental, which promotes Mental Rigidity and stunts emotional growth and learning from others. When we are judgmental, we constrict ourselves into small spaces that generate limitations that block Self Awareness. Constant self-criticism and judgmental thinking impacts the body, mind and spirit negatively, which greatly clouds perception and wreaks havoc on our decision making skills.

When we are nonjudgmental we are being open minded, we allow our mind to expand through the ideas, perceptions and experiences that are shared through others lenses. In this way, we gain a much larger perspective that includes more people, and we gain greater knowledge about the world we live in. When we are willing to be open minded, and we cease to allow fear to control our perceptions, we also gain much greater personal Discernment which replaces the need to make judgments. Open mindedness and nonjudgmental awareness allows for deeper sensations of sharing meaningful experiences by feeling more connected, the sense of feeling unity with others. Being open minded and aspiring to increase our nonjudgmental awareness, we are more willing to deeply understand and tolerate others because we have Empathy for them. We begin to see the larger perspective and know that many people on the earth have endured very challenging issues, maybe even abject poverty and hunger, and thus hold different view points and different values than our own.

Stopping Judgmental Behaviors

If you find yourself being judgmental in your self talk or directing judgmental views towards others, especially in superficial means where you know nothing from direct experience about that person, observe yourself and stop yourself from continuing the train of thought or feeding into Malicious Gossip. Choose loving kindness instead. By making the effort to deeply understand others perceptions and to have Empathy for them, will help you to better understand how they feel and the reasons why. Put yourself in their shoes and ask how they are feeling.

Mental Rigidity

Be aware of the fact that Mental Rigidity is an Archontic Deception Behavior that is promoted in our society to condition humanity to be more judgmental and closed minded, in so to enforce the fear based and anti-human mind control structures that are used for population enslavement through divide and conquer tactics. Judgmental thinking is the cause of great turbulence in our inner dialogue, and thus judgments can be very destructive energies, causing great heaviness upon the heart and soul.

People that are reliant on the Negative Ego belief system perpetrated throughout the 3D control structures, tend to form excessive mental rigidity, an inability to be mentally flexible and open minded. Excessive mental rigidity stems from the basis of the need to control the environment and others, which results in a Controller type of personality, and may cause mental fracturing and incoherent thinking, if not corrected.

Judgmental People

Judgmental people think on a very shallow level and tend to be unaccepting of people who come from different belief systems, socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. Judgmental people also almost never seek to understand others, but instead spend their free time looking for reality bubbles that reinforce their confirmation bias, and may like to be involved in spreading gossip about people they have judged as inferior.

Sometimes judgments are formed to escape what we are really feeling, because we really are uncomfortable with the thoughts we are having when triggered by others. Sometimes judgmental people are refusing to take responsibility for their own feelings, especially when they find it difficult to find acceptance in emotionally charged topics. Stopping judgmental thoughts comes through the compassionate practice of greater acceptance, which means to accept what you are really feeling inside by acknowledging exactly what it is that you are feeling, and refraining from defining yourself by those feelings. We can locate emotions that we experience inside our body, and this recognition allows us to choose to surround difficult feelings with compassion and loving kindness.

Becoming Aware of Criticisms

First, become aware of when you are engaged in an inner or outer dialogue of judgment and criticism. Source where these thoughts are coming from, are they coming from the environment or are they your deep rooted fears and insecurities? One of the most important life skills is to pay attention to what you are noticing when you are being exposed to something, or even just what you are thinking when you are alone. If you notice negative or judgmental thoughts, you can reframe that thought into something more positive by simply making the choice in that moment to do so. Choosing to be compassionate and kind to yourself and others, shifts the negativity that was formed by the judgments and criticism immediately. Surround yourself with compassion and positive people that are kind and caring towards others. Take note of extremely judgmental people around you that are always criticizing or judging others, and don't let their negativity rub off on your behaviors. Harshly critical people can spread negative energy in a room like a virus, so shielding yourself to deflect negativity, while committing to be a compassionate and kind person anyway, neutralizes the results of excess negativity. Nonjudgmental awareness through the practice of compassion is the key to breaking the pattern of being overly judgmental and critical.

For a few suggestions for daily practice exercises to refocus judgmental thoughts, see 5 Steps to Refocusing Negative Thoughts.


Nine Steps to Mastery

Discernment – Without using ego judgment test the personal Resonance of people, events and circumstances that you choose to engage with or exchange with, determining which is either aligned to your person or not aligned to your person, in that moment. There is no right or wrong answer, only personal resonance and choice. That answer may change continually in different timelines depending on when you ask the question and what powers of discernment are cultivated. Learning personal discernment builds our necessary boundaries to discover what is productive and supportive for fulfilling our spiritual path or not. Discernment allows for continual productive growth and for the effective use of our personal energies and focused attention. By upholding our personal boundaries and applying discernment towards all things that we focus our energy and our attention upon, we are more effectively managing our Consciousness and life force.


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