Microcosmic Orbit Scanning

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Microcosmic Orbit Scan

Practicing the Microcosmic Orbit Scanning procedure starts with breathing and focusing on the Tailbone, slowly running up the back of the spine and down the front channel, while looking for or sensing energetic weakness. When energetic weakness is found, intend to correct weakness and use mental focus to say, “Correct nadial control panel” or “correct nadial complex”. The Microcosmic orbit is the circular energetic flow moving up the spine which completes a moving circuit at the perineum. Because the spine and spinal nerves, CNS are the main control factor of every function in the body, this exercise is suggested to strengthen the energy moving in the center channel. Practice scanning for energetic weaknesses and focusing upon the main central channel, following the micro cosmic orbit path on the main energy channels, to complete and strengthen the internal energy circuit, place the tip of the tongue on the upper palate while continuing to focus on strengthening the circular movement in the main channel.

Using our inner vision, slowly scan up the tailbone moving up the channel to sense any weakness or blockage. In this channel, we are leaving past timelines that may be lodged in the energy circuits and chakras of the body. Entity or dark possession will have etheric cords in the back channel, and up the spinal cord.

Continue the scan moving focus own the front of the body center channel. Visualize the channel moving circuit of energy in the complete microcosmic orbit. Intend to check for weakness in the tailbone, neck, hara, and umbilicus cord for implants or blocks. Life force is stolen through high risk behaviors such as vaginal or anal sex with a negative energy person of possessed person (succubus or incubus). There are eight meridian channels that meet at the rectum that are used to siphon life force by dark entities.

When performing the Microcosmic Orbit Scanning exercise comfortably creating a moving circuit with inner concentration, then intend to focus your concentration on the nadial complex. The Nadial Complex is the etheric neurological center, it is the blueprint for our Central Nervous System and its instruction set in the astral layer of our Soul body. The Nadial Complex can be corrected from Alien Machinery, implants when the body is receiving artificial frequencies or harmful messaging running programs in the nervous system.[1]

Microcosmic Pathway

Microcosmic Pathway

The Microcosmic Orbit also known as the 'Self Winding Wheel of the Law' and the circulation of light is a Taoist Qigong or Taoist yoga Qi energy cultivation technique. It involves deep breathing exercises in conjunction with meditation and concentration techniques which develop the flow of qi along certain pathways of energy in the human body.The microcosmic orbit should be viewed in the context of a variety techniques designed to purify the body physically, mentally and spiritually, improve health and longevity, and prepare the way for meditation, and also including other techniques such as the Macrocosmic orbit which means circulating energy into the other psychic energy meridians which flow around the torso and out into the arms and legs. [2]

Governing and Conception Channel

Governing Channel
Conception Channel

The Governing and Conception Vessels are two branches of the same source, and inseparable Yin-and-Yang, front-and-back duality.The Governing and Conception are the body´s two main yang and yin channels. The Governing goes up the spine; the Conception down on the front of the body from the mouth to the genitals. These energy channels are the most important among the energy life force channels and vessels, and must be trained first. Together we call these same channels unified the Hara Line or Central Vertical Channel.

"The Conception vessel and the Governing vessel are like midnight and midday, they are the polar axis of the body, there is one source and two branches, one goes to the front and the other to the back of the body ... When we try to divide these, we see that yin and yang are inseparable. When we try to see them as one, we see that it is an indivisible whole.”~ Li Shi-zhen

Nadial Complex

The Nadial Complex Control Panel is located at the back of the 4th Chakra in the Heart Complex on the upper level of the spinal cord. This is the location of the physical bodies "Circuitry Board Control Panel". This circuitry board's main function on the spine is to route the Neurological Messaging System that carries impulses to and from the Central Nervous System and the Brain. The entire Nadial System is the etheric blueprint of the physical body's Central Nervous System and receives its instruction set from the 4D Astral Plane Layers. |


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