Symmetry Command

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Symmetry Command

The physical self must adapt to embody spiritual light frequency, to help this process we can learn to hold our center, or strengthen and stabilize our core.

The Symmetry Command is to strengthen the core and stabilize structural alignment of the body to be able to hold higher frequency. This exercise can be used at any time when you feel out of balance to return back to center. Stand up straight, say command while breathing deeply and holding palm over your midsection. Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top, Inner to Outer, Outer to Inner, Front to Back, Back to Front, Left to Right, Right to Left. [1]

When Polarity Balance Will not Hold

  • Center the hand on your midline vertical channel, See Symmetry Command.
  • Tap the base of the skull from behind.
  • Make sure neither facilitator or client is upset, frustrated or excessively tired
  • Either correct neutral association to conditions or stop session
  • Hydrate with some water
  • Stretch, Yawn or any movement to reposition
  • 12D Shield helps to create neutral balance


  1. [HGS Day Two, Bali 2012]

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