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Governments have used the public as research subjects (experimental guinea pigs) to develop the results of Microwave Weaponry in order to subdue or harm targets, by directing low level microwaves, radiation which is used as stealth (unseen) weapons against undesirable people or undesirable behaviors generated in the public.

During the earlier phases of developing governmental hidden testing for microwave weaponry was during Operation Paperclip in the United States, which was to study the effects of microwave technology and radiation directed toward a variety of groups of people, including babies and children, which recorded harmful results such as:

  • breast cancer, tumors, childhood leukemia, brain chemistry changes, personality changes, induced aggression, neurological damage, depression, insanity, diseases and death

Satellites can be used to target microwave pulses in a target which can be specifically pulsed to a gland in the body at a set frequency to produce a biochemical response in the brain of the target.[1][2]

Nuremberg Trials

At the end of the second World War a committee was formed by the Western Allies, the USA and Russia and it was called the Nuremberg Treaty. The Nuremberg treaty was agreed by all the allied countries to set up laws that were designed to stop people like Joseph Mengele, from human experimentation and being given the access to torture and inflict pain on children and adults. The Nuremberg Treaty was set up to that no person may be experimented upon for any reason without their individual consent, which included the technology of Microwave Weaponry and forms of EMF radiation without their consent, and before they gave consent that they must have full knowledge the length of the experiment, its potential dangers and outcomes, and other factors such as illness that may result. The important distinction of this law is to protect the people of earth from being experimented on without their knowledge and that they must give individual consent. Experiments directed on people without their knowledge or consent, is illegal according to the Nuremberg Treaty, that was the result after the Nuremberg trials, specifically during the Doctors trials. During the cross examination of the Doctors Trials the level of torture, inflicting pain and barbarity of the organized human experimentation and genocide was revealed, and the groups of Nazi Doctors that were conducting these barbaric human experiments and eugenic programs were sentenced to death by hanging.

Those Scientists and Doctors who escaped Europe to the United States were given asylum, new identities, high paying jobs with the US government for exchange of Nazi military secrets, technology and scientific development, under the military secret code name of Operation Paperclip.


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