Oversoul Matrix

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This is the harmonic triad of the 7D-8D-9D layers of Lightbody. These layers are also called the Monadic matrix.

The heart-brain complex is an intelligence structure that best can be defined as the original and organic design and function of the collective human soul/oversoul matrix and its cellular memory interface with the planetary grid consciousness network. As a part of the mechanics of the energy structure of the many fields of consciousness, (the morphogenetic field layers that control time and space), the heart–brain complex is a consciousness structure and architecture that has been largely dormant within the planetary body fields. It has remained dormant primarily from the genetic manipulation of the negative alien agenda and their inorganic enslavement architecture on the planet. This heart-brain complex is a part of the planetary nervous system (grid network) and the nerve cell(s) of the planetary body that directly message into and through the individual human body.


November 2012 Newsletter

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Term first found HGS Manual: Page 107