Mother's Cosmic Aether

From Ascension Glossary

December 2012 Meditation

Mother's Cosmic Aether

This meditation is purposed for the activation and opening of the direct alignment to the Universal Cosmic Heart in the Milky Way Galaxy and to Mother’s Cosmic Aether, a new elemental substance (heart quintessence) returning to the planet at this end cycle phase of 12/21/2012. This meditation supports building the communication bridge in the Solar Star Chakra, which is a horizontal shield in the 10th chakra that is the direct link to communicate with the frequency of Krystal Star or Christ Consciousness. By sounding one’s Heart Tone, a clarion call is sent to meet and feel personal Star family presence as it is requested in one’s personal Solar Star. Reclaiming the Divine Mother presence to the earth and humanity, the collaboration between ourselves and Christed representatives are made to return Trinity and Arc Codes back to the direct control of Mother God Presence. We are requested to bring Mother Arc Portal presence to multiple gateways on the earth.

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