Mother Arc Integration Package

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October 2010 Meditation

Mother Arc Integration Package

The intention of this meditation is to repattern our merkaba and aura field, to align ourselves with the Mother Arc geometries. As we open our heart chakra, we reinforce our connection to receive the turquoise ray dispensation for release, integration, and protection. Also, Clear Mental Bodies from Victim Victimizer programs, Alpha Omega Agendas, Self Punishment/Sabotage, Guilt/Shame/Punishment, Miasms, Disease and Recode the distorted male 11:11 electron to the 12:12 Christ Pattern.

TAGS: Merkaba, Alpha Omega Agenda, Miasm, Victim Victimizer Program, Turquoise Ray, Mother Arc, Heart Chakra, 11:11, Distorted Male Electron

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