Ninja Spinners

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Ninja Spinners are circular saw razor blade looking things that get spun out into the field to shred your energy field, and try to burrow a hole in your body. They are very malicious etheric weapons. We have buffer fields now that protect us, however, one has to take the "bait" (engage with it) in order to be hurt by them. The lesson with these is never engage with them.

Metatronic Reversal

This type of Alien Machinery is observed in the Monadic timelines. See the Universal Time Matrix fields in the 3rd Triad Harmonic Universe, 7D, 8D, 9D.

These timelines are known as the time of Metatronic Reversal where the electron fields descended into heavily distorted patterns, splitting the Monadic bodies apart.

This also split the mental bodies and fragmented them into diseased states.

This splitting of the Monadic bodies was kept in place by a double looping, or bi-polar geometry structure which would siphon life force. This structure is also in the Golden Eagle Grid and keeps that structure operating as a bi-polar geometry, which directly impacts the brain and mental body of all human beings. [See update in January 2013 Newsletter.]


Lisa Renee HGS Stewards' Discussion

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 185