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HGS session space dedicated to purposes of Krystal Star Host & their communication networks:

Clearing for Obelisk Network, and timeline trigger event:

  • Seed of Anti-Christ-Sophia, Azazael and Black Lilith
  • 25 YA
  • Produce anti-hierogamic spawn in Peru stargate to destroy Genetic Equal and Twin Flame Sacred Unions during the Ascension, and put AI reversals and clones in its place. This is known as the Alien Love Bite.


  • 38.9º N, 77º W - Washington Monument, Washington D.C.
  • 38.9º N, 77º W - Cleopatra’s Needle, New York City, U.S. *
  • 23.6º S, 46.7º W - Obelisk of Sao Paulo, Brazil (Ibirapuera Park)
  • 34.6º S, 58.4º W - Obelisco de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 51.5º N, 0.1º W - Cleopatra’s Needle, London, England *
  • 48.9º N, 2.3º E - Luxor Obelisk, Paris, France *
  • 41.90222º N, 12.45639º E - St. Peter’s Square Obelisk, Vatican City
  • 41.8868º N, 12.5048º E - Lateran Obelisk, Rome, Italy
  • 41.91º N, 12.48º E - Flaminio Obelisk, Rome, Italy (Piazza del Popolo)
  • 59.93º N, 30.36º E - Hero City Obelisk, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 25.7º N, 32.64º E - Luxor Obelisk, Luxor, Egypt
  • 30.1º N, 31.3º E - Heliopolis Obelisk, Cairo, Egypt
  • 14.1º N, 38.7º E - Obelisk of Axum, Ethiopia

Access point into Obelisk network

57.2º N, 92.7º E - Krasnoyarsk, Russia

(* indicates an obelisk originally from Ancient Egypt. London and New York obelisks are a pair moved from Heliopolis, originally made during the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Thutmose III. Paris obelisk is a pair with one that remains in Luxor, dating to the reign of 19th Dynasty Pharaoh Ramesses II.)

Michael Mary Reversals Session


Themes: Michael Mary Reversals Session, metal arachnids trying to divert 13D aqua ray, Multidimensional Obelisk Networks, Sarasota Grail point, Metatronic Black Seeds, Anubian Black Heart, Padma and Aurora re-encryptions, bipolar connection to Seraphim and Golden Eagle Grid.

Opening: There is some influence we need to look at for today. Okay, today has a master influence and this is coming from the Mother Mary influence. This is fascinating what we are calling in is the female counterpart to understanding, and I think it has been mentioned before in terms of Calgary, and this turnstile matrix that is connecting to multiple hearts. These Metatronic black seeds are called black hearts.

This is really heavy. Today's archetype, you know how we have numerical and numerological things? The second that I'm opening a field here, they're showing me that today is an energy that we can capitalize or utilize in the session. This is about Mother Mary and this archetype of the Queen of Clubs. It is the Queen energy and also the Virgin Mary, or Mother energy. Mary and Michael, Mary and Jesus, and that whole thing about the masculine and the feminine, thank you so much. I feel like I'm bringing that in myself right now because we are going to need an extra power influence. Okay, thank you.

Obelisks on Grid

I guess in a sense what this is, is we have been working on certain degrees of changes in the Transduction Sequence, within our own bodies. And I'm seeing something similar being applied to the planetary body at this time. These particular coordinates and changes are about recoding and going over the reversals. The reversal codings that are placed in these implants, what I'm seeing those obelisk things do, is they are put there like stakes in the earth and they are directing or being directed, with a certain grid or frequency that's not in this dimension. I'm seeing that there are frequencies that are being used in the antiparticle inter-dimensional planes it's not in 3D. If I stand there looking at the obelisk it's not a visible light spectrum. We can't see it at all it's literally on the antiparticle side, when I'm on the antiparticle side that's where I see it. It's like these things are freaking radioactive. I'm looking at this thing and it's radioactive. I think what it is too, is we have several of these. Oh God, they just showed me that there's one in the Vatican, there is one in Washington DC, there is one here, and they have them littered all over the place....[1]


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