Michael Mary Reversals Session

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Themes: Michael Mary Reversals Session, metal arachnids trying to divert 13D aqua ray, Multidimensional Obelisk Networks, Sarasota Grail point, Metatronic Black Seeds, Anubian Black Heart, Padma and Aurora re-encryptions, bipolar connection to Seraphim and Golden Eagle Grid.

Opening: There is some influence we need to look at for today. Okay, today has a master influence and this is coming from the Mother Mary influence. This is fascinating what we are calling in is the female counterpart to understanding, and I think it has been mentioned before in terms of Calgary, and this turnstile matrix that is connecting to multiple hearts. These Metatronic black seeds are called black hearts.

This is really heavy. Today's archetype, you know how we have numerical and numerological things? The second that I'm opening a field here, they're showing me that today is an energy that we can capitalize or utilize in the session. This is about Mother Mary and this archetype of the Queen of Clubs. It is the Queen energy and also the Virgin Mary, or Mother energy. Mary and Michael, Mary and Jesus, and that whole thing about the masculine and the feminine, thank you so much. I feel like I'm bringing that in myself right now because we are going to need an extra power influence. Okay, thank you.

Open all channels of light, open all which is the living light source of God. Again we command through the heart of God, the cosmic heart all that is the sovereign divine power of the eternal living light and the heart of Christ. We command this space to be anchored through the heart of love, the heart of Christ and that which is the rightful return of the kings and queens. The containers of the infinite God spark. I feel so much better already, thank you so much. Family, guardians, our defenders of truth please anchor this space around us North South East West, earth, sky and heart. Again remove dark cloaks, black cloaks, invisible cloaking any kind of attacking energy whatever that black tarp is. Thank you thank you. Please release it, let's again open and solidify our field, invisible, impenetrable and connected to the cosmic heart and through that which is the heart of the Mother herself. Thank you so much.

From across our multi-versus beloved family, thank you so much for joining us. Again as we anchor the gatekeeping of our space through the four corners, we command those four corners through the four faces of man, and as well through North, South, East, West, earth sky and heart, as we anchor our space in sacred service to the light. Thank you so much. Fortify our communication and our spiritual links, all the way into the zero point. And as we breathe the living light code, we bring the breath of life the breath of God into all created form. Beloved God please breathe the living light code in us.

Mother Mary Turnstile

Again as we state our mutual purpose as One, resurrect anything inorganic to the organic living light of God now. Oh, goodness. Okay there is something happening with the circulatory system, this has everything to do with the Archangel Michael matrix the Golden Eagle Grid and several subsidiaries. We are starting to understand more complexity of how various levels of these connections fit in and feed each other. Interestingly enough as we know, the main circulatory system of this hub is in Calgary.

So please clear our communication links, again allow from here as we anchor in the heart of God and the anchor of the Divine Mother herself, we call upon the infinite power of the Cosmic Mother, our Mother Mary, Virgin Mary and all of the archetypes of truth, the Queen of Hearts, that which is the infinite source of God. We commend this space in that living light here and now to override all that is false. Thank you so much. What I am feeling as we go through this, there are planetary and individual connections. So clearly were being given a sense of this, because I'm feeling like the core of the heart of Mother Mary energy, cosmic Mother energy here. And how it's coming through us, it's trying to carve a space to be in us, with us. Because this is part of the convoluted distorted pieces of understanding the seventh dimensional energy of the female logos, and our violet flame energy having been convoluted.

What I'm seeing is something that they have been doing with this Mother Mary Turnstile, or whatever this merge is. They are braiding a false ray. What I'm seeing is that this circulatory system, with a black heart is braiding or breaking down frequency. It's like you've got seventh dimensional frequency and they are literally merging something with it. I can't even describe it, it looks like another frequency braid and as they are braiding it, they break the ray down. It's very strange, it's like seeing the seventh ray color, which is a part of the violet flame and divine feminine on the earth, and seeing them break it down into fragments almost. And then they're creating a new ray and it's not a good one, it's obviously reversal coding.

So again as the divine Mother aspects, the cosmic heart energy of our Cosmic Mother open up and through the archetype of the Queen of Clubs, which is the mother energy for today. We are commanding that which is the sacred feminine God power to fully override through each and every heart system, because this is the breaking down and dismantling of these particular circulatory systems that feed the heart. When you think of these "heart things" they are like these heart hubs where circulatory systems are feeding the blood, feeding whatever that is into that heart system. This is something that clearly is being brought into our awareness here today about the dismantling of those circulatory systems. And the impalements, when I see these obelisks and these impalements what they look like to me is actually a stake. Similar to seeing a giant take a stake and pound it into the earth like it's being impaled. That's what these things are an impalement, similar to a crucifixion or implant of some sort. And the implant is connected to the circulatory system, which is directed to or resonating with a certain grid of frequencies.

We call upon the legions of light, our defenders of truth to open a vortex in space within this particular location of the earth. As we open that vortex within this space I'm feeling a horizontal grid that's moving across the US, and is very close to this place within Texas. And it feels like an area where there is the circulatory system that has been reversing and splitting the seventh dimensional energy, something is happening here with the diversion, siphoning and breaking down of that particular ray structure into some kind of reversal energy. And I'm seeing that it's being done between the sixth and the seventh dimensional energies.

Again, as we open and clear this space. Okay, here we go, in with the Aurora and with the turquoise, the aquamarine ray and that which is the Cosmic Heart of the Universe. I see, okay. When we start to understand that the Archangel Michael Matrix thing that is attached to the Golden Eagle grid, has been a part of the diversion of this aquamarine ray or the 13th ray, the blue ray. This information has been coming to be unraveled in the last weeks. I'm seeing that extra piece of understanding, not only how it was creating that false blue static energy, which was corrupting the indigo and corrupting the sixth and seventh dimensional energy, using both. That's why it's mother Mary and Jesus, you got the male counterpart which is the sixth dimensional energy, and you've got the feminine which is the seventh. And in our own bodies these are our wings, if we look at the scapula area and the indentation on both left and right shoulders. This is a part of the 12 Tree Grid that opens into our core manifestation template as that sixth and seventh dimensional energy.

So again as we hold this space and call in our families, I think a part of this is utilizing us as the ground crew, through which to come into this particular space and dismantle the circulatory systems, which have been feeding these particular grids. Which are very much like implants or impalement's in the earth grid in this particular location of the earth. I'm feeling great significance here, in relationship to the Golden Eagle grid and the portion of the grid that has been hacked, or overtaken. When we understand the Golden Eagle grid as a projection of that Seraphim consciousness, is a part of Archangel Michael as a Nephilim, we see him with wings. This is a part of this Golden Eagle Grid symbology, and a portion of that network is used as a mind control weapon and a portion of it is actually still operational. If something gets to two thirds of infiltration then we've lost it, and this seems to be relevant to consciousness such as this.

Golden Eagle Grid

So as we are connecting now to the Golden Eagle grid, I'm going to ask with all of our heart, our mind our might that which is commanded in the dominion and space of the living light of God itself. We ask that the miasmatic template blockages and that the radial body of the earth be introduced to tri-wave codes. We need to remove the reversals of bi-wave coding, reversals that have been placed in opposite mathematical programs blocking natural energy flows and creating phantom or reversal energies within these particular layers of the grid. For whatever reason this particular place in Texas has some kind of circulatory system that is either being accessed through multiple grid networks that move both North - South, and East - West. It's like there is an intersection point in this part of the earth, or Texas. Whatever this location is it's connected to an intersection point and has access to this Golden Eagle grid and a part of what that Archangel Michael matrix is. Which is a part of breaking down the reversals of both sixth and seventh dimensional energy and creating a new merged broken reversed blue energy. Which is what they've been using to divert the aquamarine turquoise 13D energy, that is supposed to be here and is trying to come in and recode these grid systems.

So what I'm understanding here is that we need to awaken in this part of the planetary shield, a natural tri-wave program and clear the miasma block and reversal coding, to restore the original and organic planetary shield integrity. Okay we need to bring in the crystal consciousness, and into the 13th Ray. Okay first of all there is a liquid light encodement of the hydro-plasmic crystal light of Christ. We command this space to be in the dominion of the Guardian races, we ask the guardians, our defenders of truth and those of our beloved families of the next universe for their assistance and counsel, in fully anchoring the pillar the power that is the infinite source. And it is coming through the Mother the Cosmic Mother, the heart of the Mother the heart of God. Through the heart of God we reestablish the primal life the living life force currents and we ask to take it through each of the layers of the radial body of the planet, and that which is connected to this part of the planet.

AI Insectoids

Okay these are structures and these are these weird insectoid things. Whatever they are, they are an AI architecture that has been placed, something like this showed up in Tucson/Phoenix a week or two ago, and I think there is something similar here. I am looking at a lake I'm looking underneath the lake, looking at a black iron metal, a metal kind of cage looking thing. All I know when I look at this thing even though it doesn't look like an arachnid, I know it's from the arachnids. There is something arachnid attached to this, and what is happening actually is our teams are removing and dismantling some structure underneath the lake in that area. I'm underneath a lake area and I'm seeing it goes in all four directions. Oh, God okay. Whatever this thing is, I don't know how it's doing it, but it's going into like the heart of the Golden Eagle. It's like these monikers, monuments, these words when they are talking about the Heart of Texas, the heart of this, the heart of that. I'm seeing it all go into the heart of the Golden Eagle. It's like as they control the heart of the Golden Eagle they control the part of the grid or something, but it's like they're diverting all of this energy and it's going all the way to Florida, like Sarasota. It's like I can see a major piece of this thing and the complexity of the circulatory system is feeding into a major spot in Sarasota. Which I think is something that's feeding the Golden Eagle grid, or the reversals of it.

We have been working so hard attempting to bring in the 13D aquamarine back. Sarasota is the Grail point where the connection of that particular frequency is, they have been working really hard to anchor it in there. So I can see this is the "anti" to that. They are attempting to divert that frequency with the false blue flame. Understanding that as much as we are trying to recode places of the planet to be able to hold the aquamarine energy, and a lot of us are becoming aquamarine 13D turquoise ray holders. Meaning this is what the Oraphim have come here to help us with, for the rehabilitation and the repair of the structural integrity of this. I can feel the Oraphim presence here, I'm going to invite that which is the Oraphim presence, energies and constructs, through the masculine and feminine and through the cosmic Mother of the divine heart, to exchange with us all transmission codes, energies, frequencies, tools, jewels, gifts, things that we need in order be the embodiment and holder, through which we can relay into the anchoring and exchange of those transmissions into the grid.

Okay at that particular point of Texas there has been a massive sort of circulatory system feeding network that is going all the way into Sarasota and beyond. It's interesting because when we look at the heart of the Golden Eagle we understand that a major control function is in raq-Iran, we know that Giza Egypt is also within that area. If you were looking at the Earth, as very huge and we looked at it from the side, I'm seeing the pathway of a Golden Eagle. And directly in the center of the Golden Eagle is the heart of it, the breast of it, the lungs of it are right in the core of this thing. What I feel is trying to happen, is they do not have full control over this? With another level of the ArchAngel Michael Matrix being brought into view for dismantle and destruction, and taking that down. It starts breaking down those circulatory systems, which they have been feeding through multiple channels.

So clearly with the aggression, the energies the hostility they are not happy. This is not something they're happy to give up, because this is their stronghold. So as each and every layer and level of those latitudes and longitudes is getting some kind of grid pattern. I don't know if I can retain it in my mind, I'm getting like a feed, like a feed is coming through. And it is like I can't catch it, it's almost like I'm being utilized as the person, the body that is directing it. It is coming through me, from me and being directed out into the area.

Obelisks on Grid

I guess in a sense what this is, is we have been working on certain degrees of changes in the Transduction Sequence, within our own bodies. And I'm seeing something similar being applied to the planetary body at this time. These particular coordinates and changes are about recoding and going over the reversals. The reversal codings that are placed in these implants, what I'm seeing those obelisk things do, is they are put there like stakes in the earth and they are directing or being directed, with a certain grid or frequency that's not in this dimension. I'm seeing that there are frequencies that are being used in the antiparticle inter-dimensional planes it's not in 3D. If I stand there looking at the obelisk it's not a visible light spectrum. We can't see it at all it's literally on the antiparticle side, when I'm on the antiparticle side that's where I see it. It's like these things are freaking radioactive. I'm looking at this thing and it's radioactive. I think what it is too, is we have several of these. Oh God, they just showed me that there's one in the Vatican, there is one in Washington DC, there is one here, and they have them littered all over the place.

So stargate two, where is it? Something in Florida, again in terms of recoding we're going into where those blockages are. This is in the planetary Templar itself, into the second layer and recoding the primal force currents back. I guess what were doing is like a radial body healing for this part of the planetary grid. Again another level of understanding that they're giving us is that we're able to do that at this point. So in working with the manifestation of the transduction sequence of the planetary 12 tree grid itself, in looking at that second sphere within the planet, it connects somewhere around Florida. They keep pointing over there, which is interesting because again we understand so much crap is happening in the astral right now. The astral being the second and fourth layer, and we have been thinking about Giza the fourth dimensional Stargate opening. What would be really interesting is to look at a world map and see the relationship of Giza to Florida. Like is it directly parallel, what is that?

I'm almost seeing the astral body of the earth, the collective emotional body of the earth, the opening in Giza and in Florida there are both openings. Oh my God, okay now I'm seen the Katrina disaster in New Orleans. Okay you know how Sarasota is on the other side of Florida. I'm seeing that system that is feeding the entire Gulf of Mexico and it's like they're giving me a memory flashback of seeing the debris. Because what happened with Katrina disaster, I saw for the first time rips in time space fabric, which looked to be like rips into the underworld. So I'm seeing like the rips of that area and that underworld energy, which really looks like some kind of dawn of the dead movie. How did this get there, what is it?

Metatronic Black Seeds

That whole area over there is a tremendous repository of underworld energy, that underworld death voodoo, reversals, Black Magic, santaria, Satanic ritual. Okay, so Beloveds what do you want us to do here. Okay in the command and the dominion of God that is the ultimate truth, the Savior the light, that which is the living light code. We ask the unified field and personal and multidimensional layers that connect from planetary to personal grids, within the transduction sequences to be fully and completely brought into the core of creation, the core of the heart of the Mother and that which is returning the seed and breath of life to all. We ask in the manifest hologram, through all of these structures linearly of the processes that need to go through the manifestation of the transduction sequence, through the planetary and radial body. Lock, there is a lock. Shield induction and it's like a seed coming from the Mother. This I think has something to do with, a long time ago they were talking about the perfect proton returning, which has to do with the seed of the female. When we understand the cosmic Mother herself is basically the seed, the Blueprint, is holding the perfection of the blueprint of all there is. There is something being placed within the heart of hearts. It's really interesting the queen mother energy, the heart of the cosmic mother is placing a seed. I think what this is, is something that has to do with the Permanent Seed Atoms. When we are talking about the Metatronic seeds, this is the living light seed, which is the crystal energies, this has something to do with recoding.

It looks like there has been an intense struggle over the Archangel Michael matrix going down in Iran, and this particular area of the planet for some reason, Texas and Florida. And going all the way up into Calgary as well, which is where these circulatory systems exist or something. We are putting in Arc Codes we're doing something that has to do with buffers and the 13th ray. I think this is the aquamarine energy and that which is to be replaced back into the planet's grid itself.

I don't know why or how but there is something going into the core of the earth through this too. Okay they are telling me there's something about, I did some work a few days ago about aligning the 45° angles of the transduction. They are saying we can do this now, because of that. Something about coming back to the natural structure of first creation, we are attempting to rearrange the structure back to the literal first creation, which is the Christ energy, the Christ Code structural arrangement. And that has of course zero point energies and that spark generation that can be supplied there. So holding and anchoring that, and for a moment we're sending it to the core of the earth. There is a seed atom there, there is something that is ignited within the core from this location, which we dedicate and consecrate to the purposes of God and to be placed within as the heart of God, and the rightful return of God, that which is living light and perpetual energy supply the eternal life expression to be continually maintained, balanced and created through these exchanges.

We ask that all of our beloveds within the community and all of our beloveds that are there within this location to be supported foundationally, and exchanged with it's perpetual energy supply and each of the crystal codes, which represent the primal substance to be regridded within the core holographic template. Okay, we are being given clusters of primal substance from the Aurora. I have a feeling this has something to do with... Wow.

Padmasambhava Diamond Vehicle

This being has shown up a few times, when I've been in New Mexico. This is Padmasambhava, this is a being attempting to clear and work with the Asian grid and Tibetan problem, which has to do with all of the Galactic archetype siphons and phantoms over there. This being has an Aurora field, I know him to be the creator of Tibetan Buddhism. I'm not completely versed in Tibetan Buddhism but when I see him I know him as such. His body, he has a radial body that is complete Aurora. He was able to transmute and to consciously exit via the stargate of his own body, and is seemingly one of the few that has been able to do this in the course of human history. I think this was many hundreds of years ago, a long time ago. Every once in a while he shows up, and is showing up now for this part of the earth. It's like I'm seeing dead areas, I'm seeing the earth's dead crust, I'm seeing the dead light everywhere here.

It's like what I'm seeing with this presence and the anchoring it into the core of the earth, is what we're doing is we're creating a hub here, we're creating an ascending consciousness hub. We're like anchoring a hub here so that these higher energies of our family can get in here. I'm very aware it's through us they can get in. Because we have now reached a level where we've made the connection and we're being utilized as an inter-dimensional portal system. So here it's like seeing that the land and elements the actual elementals, earth water fire air have to be re-encrypted. There is something that has to happen here in order to revive it, because it's dead. I don't know how else to say it, it's inorganic it's dead. And because this area has been a stronghold of some kind of circulatory system into those either Metatronic hearts or into what is coming from the false Michael Mary thing, because again these all have complex circulatory systems that feed each other.

Okay so once again I want to extend my love, my gratitude to Padmasambhava. I can't say his name too well, I just know his energy signature and basically he looks like a floating Buddha of Aurora. Okay, this presence of energy is going to be built out. They are showing me that from 12 Guardian pillars that have been anchored within New Mexico, that this was part of the reason of bringing this here. So there was some grid work that has been done within New Mexico, and in places of the planet Earth that are able to conduct these particular energies. And of course there are dead places, so they are basically showing me that this place was dead. Meaning this area had been utilized and abused for a very long time. They have been working it and it has been feeding this heart of the control of the Golden Eagle grid, and they have been using these symbols. Right now they are just showing me these obelisk things, like they are impalers. And yet when I look on the other side, they look radioactive, they are definitely being used actively. And when they are being used actively in the antiparticle fields like this, or in that other dimensional state, it's creating static fields. It almost looks like electrocution. If you take a lightning rod and you burn the ground, you get this charred kind of thing going on. And that is what it looks like, it's like the elementals and the areas of the ground on the earth, they look all charred from this radioactive material whatever that is coming off of these obelisk things. So in order for these areas to be reanimated with life, reanimated with the living line code, the Aurora and Padmasambhava are working on the return of re-encryption of the elemental field so that the conductance can be had. They are saying again this part of the field is dead, so it means that these living light structures and codes cannot be fully transmitted until certain base miasmas and blockages are dealt with.

Reversal Coding Fences

What we're doing is reversing the mathematical programs which have had these reversal coding structure systems. Then if we are able to render those ineffective for a moment, because they are always showing a broadcast, then we're able to start working with the earth elementals at that level. And this is what it looks like at this time, is that we want to direct and hold Aurora forces in this area. Because the Aurora are working with this land project, what I'm seeing is again the 12 pillars of Aurora that have been established within New Mexico, and it's like they're coming from there. They couldn't get here, it's like I can see the static fields of this stuff, this radio active whatever that is on the other side of these implants. I can see they did this on purpose they created a really extensive static field like a Frequency Fence, that made it almost impossible to penetrate it from the other side. So it meant that our families couldn't get through. It's like I'm looking at the other side, and they can't get through it until we do.

So what's happening at this particular location is that an opening has been made, a hub has been opened, a vortex is being grounded. And now a task force is being assigned to this area of the earth because it is one of the strongholds of how the controls of the Golden Eagle grid have been taken. And it's in this area where they've put like a force field or a static field around it so that it could not be reached by the Guardian forces. So we are being utilized as the ground forces of that and intermediaries, which allow the Aurora energies to come through. Again we have provided a successful link, that link is now connected. I can see it I'm being assured of it. Whatever was underneath, there was a black... they are saying a turnstile. I don't know what a turnstile is, I need to figure out what that is. They took a turnstile out of the bottom of the lake it was a black metal structure to me. All I know is when I see these things, I know they came from the arachnids, I know they came from insectoids, have an insectoid feeling a gross slimy metal alien feeling, it feels like that. It reminds me a lot of when you see the matrix movies, and those sentinel things are flying around that look like squids. They are calling it a turnstile I probably have to figure out a little more on that.

Because they're calling the structure of it the architectural structure, it is a solid object it's not static energy like around the obelisk. This thing is like a structure and it's been impaled and buried in the planet. So the opening of our circuit is what allows these things to be seen and extracted, and apparently this is a beautiful moment, because we're having some success with having that circuit opened. As that circuit is opened through and that thing has been removed. I feel a pressure and a timeline on this. I don't know why. But I can feel that they are working fast and furious to re-encrypt elementals in the area, it's almost like understanding the whole area has been chard with this static field and it's basically killed everything. They are coming to re-encrypted it I don't know how they're doing it. But I know it's the Auroras thing they're working with the radial body of the earth, to re-encrypt elemental structures back into the landmass there. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Beloveds again we ask and we command in that which is dedicated and consecrated to the purposes of God, that sovereign freedom be fully and completely anchored through God's natural laws returned to the earth. We ask that any of the enslavement, imprisonments and programs that have been connected to the Armageddon software, and through each and every program which has been instituted through the biblical references of the Armageddon programs, to be terminated and completely destroyed and removed from their influence and impact on our planet. And in particular for some reason this is so weird, because I'm seeing I don't know where the Bible Belt stuff is in Texas, but I'm seeing that so much of this Armageddon Software, that's what this is. It's like the Bible Belt is holding that reversal down, you know what I'm saying. So the energies are directed from the consciousness that keep these things fed that keep it there. Because what I'm seeing is the real severe stuff, like the ones that believe we've only been in existence for 2000 years and there were no dinosaurs.

Psychotronic weapon

I'm on the other side I'm looking at the blueprint I am looking at the projection. You see a physical obelisk in 3D, and then I see multiple layers of the hologram where there is an architecture of it in the same place. So if I look at an obelisk in the antiparticle field, on the other side of the projection of the hologram, I see all of the psycho-tronic radioactive stuff happening. And I know that somebody's using it, I'm seeing that it's being used almost like a radioactive psycho-tronic weapon in the field. It is so interesting because when you look at it in the 3-D physical you don't see anything, I can't even see the field of energy running around it. You cannot see anything in the physical.

There's an obelisk in the physical, and then there's multiple obelisks in the multi-dimensions. They have got that structure repeating fractally. If they have that exact architecture of that obelisk with those coordinate points on the time space field, they have it in seven dimensions and at each of the seven dimensions they're doing some thing with it. It's really strange I have never seen anything like it before. It's really telling, because it's how they are able to get it into the physical. They directed, through several different dimensions in order to get it in, and then they put a physical representation of it in the physical. And then it's connected to itself at multiple levels of itself. I'm seeing it like a nesting doll, but it's all the same obelisk. I think all of those secret societies, the Masonic Temple's, the obelisks are a part of the secret society grids that are feeding each other. Because they are the ones that are given the rights, but literally where it's coming from is not even on the planet. The problem with this as you and I know, is that the human beings are puppets and don't even now it half the time. It's like if you play the agenda you get materially rewarded, it's the sick and twisted thing that has happened to the human race. There are some at the top that have sold the rest of us out, and then very few at the top of the pyramid understand what's going on. The rest are just being manipulated to basically kill their own race and they don't even know it. It's pretty horrifying at that level.

But anyway what I'm feeling right now are the next stages. It's all about Aurora and this Tibetan master Padmasambhava, all I'm seeing is Aurora radial fields. For right now there is a task force in this area of the planet and the grid systems where they have some period of time to re-encrypt the elements there. There is something that has to be done, and clearly we are not able to know what that is entirely yet. Beloveds thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

Okay this normally doesn't happen, you feel what feels right, but they're telling me that the next job that has relevance to you. Which is that the genetic component of your template that is connected to the Seraphim and the Angelic Races, has to do with breaking down the miasmas of bipolar. Something about bipolar something to do with brain, nerves and bipolar dysfunctions. They're showing me the Golden Eagle grid, it's like you see part of it black, and part of it white, which is the bipolar thing. Because it's understanding that that grid is a consciousness projection of the Seraphim, and the Seraphim have pieces that have gone fallen. This is what the Fallen Angelic's are, these Seraphim Annu, or whatever that is that went off and fell, these are the Fallen Angelics.

So understanding that a part of the human race and those of us that have the angelic histories, more of that genetic material have more propensity for the bipolar problem. So there's something about that being our next step or a continuation of this. It's sort of a confirm of your angelic lineage whatever genetic material you have, that is a part of all of this clearly is related to that. Today was a big reveal about why you are living there, none of this is an accident.

Closing: In deep love and gratitude as we extend love to our Cosmic Mother and our feminine spiritual power, that which is the heart of God the heart of the feminine thank you so much, to those cosmic Mother energies. The issue is as these feminine archetypes have been used in strewn. So today this session was on purpose because today is the day of Mother Mary. It's like we needed that additional power to complete this or something. Today's archetype is Mother Mary day, which is so amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Again beloveds as we ask to anchor lock and seal through the hologram and through the time space matrix, we ask that all that is needed and necessary for the highest capacity of support and exchange for this beloved being in the here and now, and as well for our families of light, our Guardians and our beloved ES family. Thank you so much for your support, foundation protection and alignment to that which is the living light of God, the heart of God and the truth of the light. Beloveds please seal our field. Thank you so much. As we come into the core of our still point, phase aligned and fully connected. Beloveds our infinite stream of love is with you. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 2-25-2010]

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