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Within mysticism, the Queen of Clubs is known as "The Mother of Intuition Card", and is connected to the world archetype of Mother Mary. Queens are considered to have a subservient nature, as they are to be of service to the whole. This, coupled with the mental nature of clubs associates this card with "publishing trade, secretarial work, or...psychic work". As Queens, they are aware of their place in society (the "royal court"), and resist change in character. As the Three of Hearts is its displaced card, The Queen of Clubs represents "indecision about love and friendship" and means it is hard for them to find success in these areas. The card is also known as the "Mother Mary" as many of have children who they are forced to make sacrifices for, ("just as the Virgin Mary had to undergo the sacrifice of her son Jesus"). The Queen of Clubs "often has two jobs and does best where there is some creative expression and freedom of movement". While they are very organised, they live life at a frantic pace which can often leave them stressed out. They often have a quest for knowledge, and are "impatient and intolerant of ignorance or mental laziness in others". [1].

Michael Mary Reversals Session

EXCERPT: So again as the divine Mother aspects, the cosmic heart energy of our Cosmic Mother open up and through the archetype of the Queen of Clubs, which is the mother energy for today. We are commanding that which is the sacred feminine God power to fully override through each and every heart system, because this is the breaking down and dismantling of these particular circulatory systems that feed the heart. When you think of these "heart things" they are like these heart hubs where circulatory systems are feeding the blood, feeding whatever that is into that heart system. This is something that clearly is being brought into our awareness here today about the dismantling of those circulatory systems. And the impalements, when I see these obelisks and these impalements, what they look like to me is actually a stake. Similar to seeing a giant take a stake and pound it into the earth like it's being impaled. That's what these things are an impalement, similar to a crucifixion or implant of some sort. And the implant is connected to the circulatory system, which is directed to or resonating with a certain grid of frequencies. See Michael Mary Reversals Session.[2] Transcript by Paige.


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