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Orion Healing Codes are specific etheric surgeon healing codes that enable the practitioner to pull out Etheric Weapons, Alien Implants, Holographic Inserts, and other types of Spiritual Warfare objects that are sent to harm the Lightbody of the human being. In Starseed sessions, it has been observed that people, the majority of them in male bodies, that have this coding have embodied a section of their Monadic matrix, and usually have memories in their Aura from the Timelines of the Orion Wars and Electric Wars. They call upon this timeline in order to activate Orion Healing Codes into their hands, which they use to extract these harmful weapons and objects. [1]

The Male Orion Code

There is an exciting development in the Galactic community among the Starseeds inhabiting male bodies. During this three eclipse phase, Orion Healing Codes were transmitted to some of the males in their higher monadic connection. These Orion Codes are cellular memories from the Galactic timeline of the Orion Wars and were “hand healing” and mental projection healing codes. These techniques were a consciousness technology we understood and utilized at that Galactic timeline of humanity. ( The Orion Humans ) What these codes do is give the male body the ability to sense, feel or perceive “entity” attacks or other suppressor type of implants. There are males being activated with these codes now, and it could happen none too soon. Since we were not given an instruction manual on this, I want to alert you to this so if you know any bewildered person attempting to figure out what is happening to them you can help supply them with a context. In the beginning stages the person will begin to see or sense these things, some of which appear pretty bizarre ( octopus tentacles, crab grass rooted creatures, golums, spider webby things, genetic spliced pieces of tissue, silver bullets and tiny insect looking items as an example) and they may be freaked out when they “see” it on another person. They are developing neurological sensory and cognition that these things really do exist in the first stage of awareness. Then they will realize they are seeing them in many cases so they can remove them. Generally they will be seen int he energy field of a loved one, or someone close to you. Using mental field projection form the 3rd eye to laser energy circling on the implant to extract it or pulling it out physically with your hands seem to be the most common way of extraction.

Additionally it has been noted that this code allows the person to be relatively unaffected by the extraction process. There is a hook up into the earth core that allows an absorption technique to transmute the energy extremely effectively eliminating the slime factor, residue build up that most healers endure when extracting large numbers accumulated in their clients day in and out. It seems to be the support a group of males are getting activated to support the female bodies that have been inundated attempting to act as the “Staff” that conducts the Universal/Galactic frequency code into the planetary field. Now the males are able to act as the “Rod” and actually help anchor the frequency and support what is needed to bring female coding into the earth. [2]


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