Paradisian Sun

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This is the connection to the Christos Solar Body in the Seven Higher Heavens of the next Universe, which is called the Paradise Sun of the next Universe. The Paradise Sun is a part of the Ray Forces bringing forth new Krystic Ray or Kunda-Ray frequencies by illuminating the current Ray system in our Universe. Our Universe and its Ray System is referred to as the Seven Lower Heavens. During the end of this Ascension Cycle, the Paradise Sun is over lighting our Sun to create a new palette of Ray colours, wave spectrums and dimensions. Many Starseeds are from the Paradise Sun Universes and have come to this Universe, in the lower heavens to help support the Ascension Cycle. For some of us calling upon the Paradisian Sun will open our connection and communication to the Star Families in the next Universal system. Also, when guided appropriately, this is for performing grid work with specific God technologies from the next universe to apply repair and support in this Universal system. This includes the specs and architecture of Krystal Cities (Cities of Light) that are built by the Paradise Suns to bring that living light architecture to this earth plane.


HGS Manual, Page 163


As an Amplifier (Talisman) used in a HGS Session - Seven Higher Heavens, The Krystal Palace Cities of GOD (Overtone).

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 163