Perceptual Experiences

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Perceptual Experiences

All sensory perception of internal and environmental experience for all beings is determined by the CNS messaging to operate the brain function. The Artificial Technology, AI and Alien Machinery in the Planetary Brain has controlled human perception of reality by controlling CNS Messaging.

Damage to the CNS, results in Spiritual Body disconnection to Soul Fragmentation, to further degenerative states of being. This damages human DNA function and further, digresses the quality of Consciousness.

This is the reason most humans cannot see or experience Multi-dimensional perception, see Extraterrestrials, Nature Spirits, or perceive other types of spirit forces such as Imposter Spirits, etc.[1]

Guardian Perspective on CNS

Guardian Perspective on CNS
  • The Planetary Architecture is the Macrocosm Global Magnetic Brain for all of the inhabitants of earth and the Gridlines are its Central Nervous System (messaging through instruction sets) This is the Collective Consciousness,
  • CNS has been hijacked and damaged through DNA manipulation, Planetary Logos invasion, perpetration of harmful artificial technologies to enslavement, via electro-magnetic field manipulation (i.e. frequency fences, Holographic Inserts, Alien Implants, etc),
  • Artificial Technology and Alien Machinery is siphoning, re-directing forces, reversing energetic currents, using harmful frequencies that impact the bio-energetic field of a human being, nature and the earth,
  • These factors have damaged natural energy receivers of the planet ( grid) and within all inhabitants of earth. “Gridwork” is to help repair the planetary brain and its CNS,
  • This Neurological damage repels the higher frequency Spiritual-energetic bodies from its organic Ascension process, repelled from its ability to physically embody,
  • This Neurological Damage creates schisms in the brain function, and brain diseases as well as other Miasma diseases which accelerate into deterioration ( manic, bi-polar, schizoid are all soul fragmentation) The GEG is one such problem of extreme Bi-Polar Damage in the Global Brain,
  • The CNS can be healed through spiritual energetic causal pathways, which is what we are learning to accomplish with the HGS system[2]


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