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In order to consciously participate with our spiritual Ascension and forward evolution, we must choose to be responsible for our manifestations. Thus, we must first learn to be responsible for our thoughts, by disciplining our mind through the Observer Point or Compassionate Witness. Everything is formed though frequency made by thought patterns, thought is what directs the quality of frequency into manifestation. Thought forms can bleed through from other timelines and Stations of Identity, so we must be mindful of our inner dialogue and begin to inquire on our belief systems.

During the Ascension Cycle, the power of thought to make changes in our bodies and to transmute obsolete or negative patterns is accelerated. If we become aware that we have co-created something that had undesirable consequences, we can dissolve and transmute that pattern in the field, altering the manifestation. The content in our consciousness created by our thoughtforms actually manifest as chemical substances within the physical body and DNA signals, and this chemical information translated into the cells will determine if the body is actually on the ascension path or not.

What are your Beliefs?

Motivation influences perception, Perception influences beliefs, Beliefs influence actions.

  • Motivations
  • Perceptions
  • Beliefs
  • Actions

The three major motivation problems to overcome in the Buddhist tradition are greed, anger and delusion. If these constitute much of your motivation then your perceptions, beliefs and actions can be twisted. This may be a helpful model to help with understanding ourselves better as well as the motivation of others around us.

Mental Doorways

When we allow ourselves to express negative thoughts or destructive emotions, these negative energies enter our body and aura through the doorway we have consciously or unconsciously created. When negative thoughts are amplified and made forceful through repeated unchecked Negative Ego behaviors, the more volume and intensity of the related negative emotional energy and its essences will gather. When people obsess, ruminate or loop in their mind about something that gives them feelings of anxiety or pain, this behavior grows negative energy like gradually blowing air into a balloon. At some point, when it reaches maximum capacity, that balloon is going to pop, and the contents explode out into the environment.

An example of when there is excessive negative energy accumulated, is when a person loses control of themselves and explodes in a rage of intensely dark negative reactions through an emotional outburst. Sometimes, the person can appear momentarily possessed by these negative thoughtforms or emotions, losing control of their personal faculties and not remembering the extent of their outburst. This situation is intensified when a person takes drugs, alcohol or other consciousness altering substances.[1]


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