Preparation for Dismantling of Identity

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Themes: Preparation for Dismantling of Identity, male going through personal shift, time to become conscious of programing in order to have more choices and freedom, time to develop intuition and receptivity to spirit rather than rely on the mental body, some suggested spiritual homework and physical supplementation for support.

Opening: We are memorializing your session here today and of course I have gotten to know your lovely family via your beautiful wife. And so today we are opening a session and of course we never know what's going to show up in terms of the surprising elements. So I'm being guided to give you a foundational understanding and an informational context on some of the changes that you are undergoing, which are impacting not only your physical body, but your energy body. So this would bring us into an understanding of a model where I am going to be talking about your body on a multidimensional level or on a holistic level, which will include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energetic interrelationships.

So in the process of evolution and in the human body most of us on the planet are not aware of certain physical symptoms and changes energetically in our body, that are actually part and parcel of a shift in consciousness. A shift in energy and a shift in consciousness would be the same thing. So in speaking about energy, energy is conscious and the intelligence of consciousness is energy. And the reason I'm going into this level of foundational information with you is that I am seeing a massive transformation happening in your physical energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. I am going to try to assist in bringing in some practical tools and to give some context for the transformation that you are undergoing. This is what I'm intending and hoping that I'll be able to accomplish in our session today.

So generally when I open a session I never know what area I'm going to be working in, the physical emotional spiritual psychic. I'm feeling that there is a very strong, at least in the foundational session as the first session that were having, that there is some information of importance to share with you. To help you understand that the physical symptoms and shifts that may be feeling disorienting or different in your body, are related to a shift that is happening to you internally. One that we can give many names to, one we could call spiritual initiation or spiritual transformation, an evolution and a shift in consciousness. And in the sense what is happening to you is you are beginning a process of opening a delineation into a new level of understanding your core self.

Reunion with the Core Self

And this process that you're undergoing is a reunion with your core self, or we could say this is a reunion with the core essence or soul, your connection to your own spirit your connection to your core essence or soul. These are all interchangeable words I may be using to describe the shift in transformation that you are beginning to undergo at this particular time. Now as we're going through a particular transformation such as this, practically how does this manifest in our life? Generally you're going to be feeling things or having experiences either as mental thoughts or emotional thoughts, of the process of resistance to the change, because that puts you through an identity conflict. It means you can feel something needs to change and you don't know how to transform it. Because your life and your sense of identity have been based on a certain fundamental way of being, which has been the foundation of our identity. When that starts to go through changes or you come to a certain crossroads where you understand that something must change, this is where sometimes confusion can happen.

So I'm endeavoring to give you some tools that will shift you from confusion into clarity, so that you can cooperate and participate with this process from a state of empowerment, from an informed awareness. Because certainly when shifts like this start to occur it can be quite befuddling and disorientating and downright confusing.

Now to backup for a moment I'm going to talk a little bit about what I'm feeling is bringing us to this particular time. And that is that you are undergoing what I'll call a spiritual initiation and a transformation into a new sort of self-experience, into a new identity of self. And this happens to coincide with and be in direct relationship with what's happening in the shifting consciousness on this planet. So in the interest of looking at this particular model that I'm going to offer you, understanding that we are at a crossroads on this planet. And this crossroads represents a shift in paradigm, a shift in social cultural economic values possibly coming into more global awareness and global values. And as humanity is undergoing this shift in paradigm it's also a shift in focus of one's consciousness and requires that certain behaviors, both mental ideas that we hold as a sense of our own identity as well as emotional patterns we may have with ourselves. Whether those are destructive emotions or destructive thought forms or mental belief systems.

When we're coming to this particular crossroads in our development and moving beyond these limitations, our life therefore our spirit presents challenges to this reunion back into the core self. We will start to be presented with different challenges in the experiences of our life so that we're able to bring them into surface view. Because a lot of these patterns such as our ideas mental programs, our thought processes they become a part of our identity. We think they are a part of our identity and we base our identity and sense of self upon those mental belief systems, the way we structure your life, how we identify our career what were doing in the world etc.

All these things start to be brought into question and start to be brought into self-inquiry and generally this starts from a feeling of discontent, a feeling of something is off, the feeling that something needs to change and not really knowing how to address those changes. And so my sense in this particular moment of time is that you are right in the middle of that crossfire and the decisions and the shifts that you make in this period of time, are going to set the groundwork for this next part of your life and how you determine you want to live it. This is going to create some opportunities of change some opportunities that will offer you a greater level of fulfillment in your life if you allow yourself and the in the operative word is allow. Because it is allowing, you have to get yourself out of the way at an ego level at a mental level at a control level. Because this is a process you won't be able to control mentally.

Becoming More Receptive to HSP

This is a process that is going to create another sense of experience, which is going to be more about allowing. Becoming receptive and starting to shift how you process external data, meaning how you view the outside world how you view external influences. Starting to incorporate more intention and intuition and feeling, as in feeling into what the circumstance feels like. Does it feel positive does it feel negative? If you have to make a decision and you're looking at this particular object whether it's a person place thing or circumstance, are you feeling a yes answer or a no answer?

Now if you are following me with what I'm trying to describe here, this is the method of higher sensory perception. This is intuition or the feeling emotive sensory portions of our body, of our being. So in your particular case as with many men, but I'm seeing that this is highly developed in you, because you have an extremely cultivated educated and strong mind. You are very strong mentally you have a lot of mental power. When somebody has a lot of mental power sometimes making the shift that I'm describing, shifting into less reliance on using the analytical capabilities of your mental power is challenging. Employing instead the intuitive capabilities of your higher sensory perception because this is what will be required of you as you go through this period of time. It is shifting your reliance on purely the intellect and the understanding of linear analysis from an intellectual or conceptual view and shifting into an awareness that the mind isn't going to have a sequence that is going to make sense to you as you are going through this.

So in a sense this is a lesson in feeling your way through this, because this process, as I'm attempting to describe it in a way that we can mentally connect to it, much of the process is very hard to mentally connect to. Because it is a process of spiritual evolution and an understanding that is different than human order which is dictated by the mind, the mental intellectual concepts which man or humans have decided to use to make sense of the world. It is a non-intellectual view but more of a sensory intuitive perceptive view, which is a function of our physical body, is a function of our own being. Yet we've not cultivated that particular sensory ability, and for many of us we've cut it off. So in a sense what's happening is you're developing a whole new muscle of relating. A whole new muscle, built with practice and patience and temperance to your own self, with the ability to sense and be moved into a completely different way of synthesizing information in your life. Externally as it applies to your life your work your world your family and that which you are moving into at this time and towards, which feels to be a shift of values. A shift in perception and a shift in where you will place your attention, focus and consciousness, again that which you mentally perceive and direct and focus your energies upon.

Relying Less on Intellect, More Sensory Awareness

There is a crossroads where you are moving into the beginning foundation of that change and this will require that you learn how to be flexible, you learn how to be adaptable and to learn to rely less on the intellectual power of your mental body. And too bring more balance in the feeling intuitive sensory awareness, which is the knowledge of self, the understanding of self the connection of having a right relationship to yourself and acting in accordance and in congruence with that self.

So you are building a relationship to your core, where there have been places you most probably have ignored. Not intentionally but because socially and through our own inherited patterns from your family of origin, such as our own father. We become modeled in that behavior and it becomes inherited as a source of the way we deal with our every day lives, how we create and manifest what we do in the world. Now again in feeling a large mental programming structure coming as a part of the modeled behavior of your own paternal lineage. Understanding that the masculine imbalance of over using the mental intellect can create limitations in one's ability to express fulfillment peace and alignment to the true nature of their being. And because your particular lineage is very mentally developed in that, there is a high value placed on academics and education and mental smarts. I can feel that there is a strong value on academics and further cultivating the mind. And that because of this inherited lineage of an over emphasis on the intellect and the power of the intellect, there have been missing pieces in you, in which very real talent lies that you've not developed in your life. Because you felt in your own identity, your self-identity which you reinforce as both a human being and as a man, a very responsible commitment to that which most men on this planet are programmed and cultivated into. That the a source of one's power the source of one's achievement the source of one's own sense of self, especially as a man is based upon one's career, one's orientation in the physical world in terms of status, accumulation, money and material objects.

Your reaching a time in the spiritual development you are undergoing which is going to present different opportunities to you. And again over the longer term, this is a long-term development and you're just beginning the shift now. In understanding that there have been some missing elements of your life, which have not fully maximized your potentials and talents. Because you've been so busy being a business-person being an achiever being a doer and acting out an identity based upon what you thought was expected of you from your father, from your programming. Meaning what mother and father and family orientation expected from you, as well as what you thought your wife and your family would expect from you. And yet these expectations and obligations need to be reviewed at this time to really get a sense of who and what you are serving. Who and what are you truly obligated to?

Finding Peace Within

There is no more time for you to spend your precious heart, your love your energy your spirit your mental focus the resources that belong to you as a being in ways behaviors and emotions and actions that are not serving a level of fulfillment and a level of inner peace within you. That allow you to experience your life from a point of power, where you know what you are doing, you are being everything that you were made to be as a human being. Under the auspices of God or higher power whatever we want to connect to that as, it doesn't really matter. It's that you feel connected, that you feel fulfilled, that you feel at peace inside you. That what you're doing with your life where you're focusing your attention, how your living your life is truly fulfilling you, at a creative level, at an emotional level at a mental level and at a physical and spiritual level.

So this is one way of looking at the context, in terms of some of the things that I may be sharing with you. I will be giving some suggested spiritual homework to help cultivate and strengthen the results of our session. And again these are only guidelines offered as tools for you to begin the process. And as you learn how to have some basis in working with these tools I'm sure you'll come up with your own. But having an understanding that this shift is necessary for you to be removed from obligation, from feeling overburdened and overcommitted to concepts or ideals or ways of being that are really squelching your life force instead of promoting your life force.

Now it's very interesting at another level when I connect to you. And again when I'm reading energy in a session I'm connecting to what's known as the energy field of the human being, otherwise known as the aura. And in the aura is a blueprint and within that blueprint is a context, and that context has definite influence upon the direction and experience that being will have in the physical world. And in looking at your blueprint there have been several different levels of commitment, meaning prior to incarnation. And please only feel what feels right for you, but in my experience we are beings that are in multiple identities at once. Meaning what we call reincarnation what we call past lives, is that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. And our spiritual being may have multiple identities in multiple times living an experience at that time.

The particular identity which is you in the here and now, is a humanitarian. Is a spirit that chose a male body and said at some point during the shift in paradigm I'd like to create and use my earlier processes of evolution in the first part of your life, as a business owner I think. I don't know I am feeling that business, business, business, very strong and that you are very talented in that way. You understand organization you understand entrepreneurial ship, you understand management of people, you understand structure, and incentive. And through this knowledge that you have gleaned over the first part of your life, part one, you have been fine-tuning and honing these skills in structure of business, understanding human behavior, understanding how to motivate human beings in a group. And this particular level of experience you've had is potentially gifted in a future timeline, meaning that which you are moving into to possibly accept in transforming your life.

A new level where you can use these skills in service to a greater cause, which supports the paradigm shift or a philanthropic or humanitarian effort in what you apply your attention within that particular organization towards. I'm also feeling that you are going to be inspired from your own guidance and from your own connection, as you become more and more clear within yourself. That you may be inspired to create new models and incentives, social reform in certain ways and have ideas you haven't possibly acted upon or known how to translate. And those ideas have been there a while, but it required a shift in your own being in order for you to align to that in a congruent way so that you could act upon it.

Adaptable to Transformation

It's not quite time for the action. Right now is a time where you are transitioning and you are getting to know and learn how to manifest a new level of relating to yourself, and being fearless and doubtless in the face of change. And knowing that your job right now, to make this as easy smooth and graceful as possible for you, is to be clear in your own psyche and in your own emotional self. To not allow fear, judgment, self-judgment or self critiquing, because I feel that you can be pretty hard on yourself at times. That the over mentalizing creates resistance to change. And your job is, you want to remove you want to clear all resistances you can. You want to be able to accept and allow and be adaptable and be as flexible as you can during this particular time.

Because as we become better at allowing things to happen, as we become better at cultivating greater acceptance of what's happening in our life. We are allowing forces to come into our life to create transformation, and we start to learn that we are like a bendable reed in the wind. There's a difference between being unable to be flexible and being bendable as the wind is blowing. Instead it's like the vision and the guideline here is to allow your self to bend in the wind, allow yourself some room there. Because you've not allowed much in the past meaning you've been so mentally focused and developed it's been extremely hard for you, for yourself personally is what I'm talking about, to allow yourself to take a breath and relax truly.

And I don't mean going on vacation and while you're sitting on a beach but in your head thinking about your to do list. I'm talking about complete release of the mind. Being able to disengage from thoughts that are clouding your mind. As an example so many of us have thousands of thoughts happening all at once. I want you to maybe remember next time your feeling those thousands of thoughts. Because being someone with such mental power you have the potential to hold a great many thoughts and problem solve in your head all at once. And in a sense this has been working for you and very powerful for you. But this time that you're undergoing, this transition is going to require that you learn how to discipline your mind from not possessing you, from not taking you over. Which is what has kind of been happening.

Learning how to be in the now moment. Which means in the presence of the moment you are fully present to what's happening. Without doing the checklist in your mind or bringing thoughts of the past or worries of the future into the present moment. It's learning how to witness. Learning how to observe, to be fully aware in the moment things are happening. No matter what you're doing. As easy as this sounds I think we all know when we try to apply it it's quite difficult, because the mind is used to running the show. One of the first things you are going to recognize as you go through the spiritual development process is that the mind is not running the show. It thinks it is but it's not. And sometimes that's a painful process when we come to that realization, because what happens is our sense of self, starts to be dismantled. And we don't understand what's happening to us. Sometimes it can create fear and of course more confusion, because we feel that we're losing a sense of our self and we don't know what is leaving. So I want you to do your best to relax and breathe through this process and no what's happening to you is basically a classic case of spiritual awakening, of spiritual transition.

Whether you're comfortable with that word or not we could come up with another word, we could say paradigm shift. Or that part two of your life is being born right now, because that is what's happening. Now when this particular process starts to become accelerated in us, a way to understand this is our electromagnetic field that which I was speaking of earlier when I said how I read the field. When connecting to people I'm reading people's aura, and the aura is an energy field. So understand that prior to manifesting in the physical, that means before anything is physically tangibly manifest in physical matter, there is an energetic impact and effect that happens in the unmanifest first. And as we become more sensitive to energy you will start to realize that the energy behind the form will always give you the truth. You will always be able to sense the energy as the truth even if the form is appearing as a façade that's representing something else.

Spiritual Initiation, Influx of Energy

So as we change energy we change what we manifest in the physical. And your energy field is undergoing a massive change right now. And how that looks to me is a tremendous influx of frequency energy or electromagnetism is being introduced to your aura, being introduced your energy field. It's important to understand that this does not happen to every single person at the same time and therefore can create confusion. This is why having a context for this process is so important. As you are with colleagues, as you are with cohorts, as you are with friends they may not be going through this. In fact probably most of them are probably not at this time, because their relationship to their soul and to the planet and to what's happening within the shift is in their own time and place. So it's very important that you're not looking outside to confirm or verify any of your experiences. Because that will just make you feel more isolated and cut off, because most people will not externally understand it. However certainly your family does and certainly your wife is an expert around these areas.

So at least there are some pathways being carved out that are helpful in having a pathway of understanding. However with electro-magnetic field changes it changes the body structure the physical body also reacts to this in certain ways. And what I'm seeing with you is that this electromagnetism, this incredible influx of energy is creating and overexposure to your nervous system and to your adrenals that are taxing your body. Because not only have you had accumulated stress from your workload throughout the years, but now you're coming into a level where your getting this complete change in your life and you don't know exactly what's going on. And the nervous system is being stimulated because understanding energy think of electricity. How is electricity conducted through wiring so energy is conducted through the nervous system in our body. So your nervous system right now is over stimulated and is actually quite exhausted. And for this I'm going to talk more about the quantum, I did a quantum report for you. And I will do a separate recording on that after this session. So as you're listening hopefully it will make sense as I'm taking you through the report of your physical resources and what's happening to your physical body.

Nervous System Exhaustion

But the key to this is that I want you to understand it, so that you can support yourself and feel better fast because it's an issue that has a resolution. The fact that your nervous system is being over stimulated and you're feeling a nervous exhaustion, in most of us the issue with this is that because our society has us running really fast most of our lives it's become common. Half the time when our adrenals are producing cortisol and pumping cortisol into our blood, which if it doesn't stop can break down tissue it can degenerate tissue, which isn't good. So when we get to the state a lot of the times we don't even know we're in that state, because we're used to being in that state 90% of the time. Because we needed to be running our lives and our lives are so quick and fast and we're required to juggle 50 million things at once.

So what I'm suggesting here is an awareness that your nervous system is a part of inherited and genetic vulnerability. So you already had an issue with nervous system and sensory issues and this is coming from the genetic line of your mother and father. So that means that's something foundational that you should support in your physical body, because your physical body will benefit from that support. So how do we support her nervous system? Well we can do this through a multitude of ways. One of the ways of course is finding healthy physical outlets for accumulated nervous tension and exhaustion in the body. And that could be regular exercise, movement, stretching, breathing this sort of thing. Also certain supplements are very helpful in supporting the nervous system. I'm going to give you a couple a suggestions in written form that I'll send out and I'm pretty sure your wife has some understanding of how to support the nervous system in this way. But for you fatty acids as well vitamin A. I'm seeing a large vitamin D3 deficiency, so vitamin D3 and fish oils and Omegas. As well as stress vitamins like vitamin B's are very important for you right now and will help you feel better if you give your body that supplemental support. Because then your nerves have something to draw upon when they are working so quickly.

Because it's like saying your nerves synapses and your brain synapses have to fire faster with this influx of electromagnetism in frequency and your bodies trying to figure out what to do with it. When you're burning out neurotransmitters because your synapses are firing at a higher oscillating rate and changing your brain chemistry, you're probably not feeling a sense of wellbeing, a sense of spontaneous joy and feeling good. And the serotonin levels and neurotransmitters in our brain when our chemistry changes radically like that, it can make us feel at times depressive or have moody states. We just want to crawl into a shell and not really deal with anybody. So when you help your nervous system you're helping your body. So this is something that I would like to suggest to add to your daily support for your body. So overall that is the primary focus in terms of the physical body and again I'll explain more in the quantum report.

But additionally what I may want to kind of suggest and encourage, is to bring some of your awareness to the gifts that you have, gifts of a creative nature that you've not explored. My feeling is that there are certain talents that you have as a writer, as a teacher and as an artist possibly, that you may not have allowed yourself to explore. And it's important to understand that as you get more in touch with your creative nature, you actually start to come in contact with the level of creative intelligence that is genius. Meaning even if one is genius intellectually or mentally, which you certainly have the possibility of that with all the mental power you have. But there is yet another level that you can access, of genius by allowing the creative intelligence to work through you, and this is one of the things that again has been very challenging for males on this planet. Especially in the West and in our more contemporary civilizations because there is a program, which has been very strict of how male gender roles are supposed to be fulfilled. And we get stuck in these patterns because we have expectation socially and at that family level.

So I know that this may be challenging for you to break away from, but I'm going to suggest it anyway. That it's time that you start to investigate some of you are creative energies, because you have many. And some of these I think have been put in the closet and maybe not addressed, or you forgot about them or you don't even know you have them. But they are there, and being able to access this and allow yourself to access this I think is very important for you at this time. Because that part of you, in learning how to move out of your mind and into a creative process is very important for you in shifting the way you analyze and in how you determine how you make decisions based on external influences in your world. This will help you learn how to develop sensory cognition in more of the feeling and creative parts of yourself. Which is a different level of relating to the self and will help you build the muscle of feeling connected at this level. Which my feeling is up to this point, there hasn't been a lot of opportunity for that.

Moving Past Inherited Patterns

So as you go through the shift what it's going to require is a deep inquiry and look at patterns that you inherited from your father. And determining what behaviors attitudes emotional states (or non-emotional states or inability to communicate and express yourself), have come from your father or are truly a part of you at a core level. Because my feeling is that you're coming to a time to reinvent yourself and restructure yourself and realize you don't have to wear the energy of outworn attitudes and behaviors and expectations and obligations thrust upon you without a choice. You have choice you have a choice right now. And that choice is to truly know your self beyond all these identities and programs and expectations and things that have been thrust upon you from the external level.

This is now time for you to get acquainted with yourself at an internal level and feel what the internal nature really has, so that you can determine what resonates and what's appropriate, and what's positive for you and what isn't. And to clearly make a commitment and discipline yourself to rid yourself of any and all destructive mental programs or behaviors, attitudes or habits that have not been serving your potential. Have not been serving your fulfillment, your peace and quite frankly the joy and expression of feeling love in your life, expressing and feeling joy in your life.

When we're too serious, when we're too intellectual, when we're analytical when we're using our mind a lot it's hard to feel what it feels like to be in joy. Because joy is a feeling just as love is a feeling. So it's time to come into creative expression to learn how to feel. To shift your reliance on mental analytical processes, logic and reason and temper that with an intuitive intelligence that is beyond the realm of thought. And this of course comes with an understanding that I can only offer you as a suggestion and may or may not feel right to you. Which is the intelligence of the cosmos, the intelligence of the universal field, the intelligence of all energy where consciousness is recorded is much more intelligent than the human ego. The human ego is the human mind, it's the conscious mind, the part of us that says I'm Lisa. Where we're going now is a place beyond Lisa, we're going into the realm of all possibilities where an intelligence exists as a field of energy.

And your body is now beginning to transform itself so it can learn to read and experience energy as an intelligence. And that's very different than an intellectual concept, because what we're talking about is the difference between intellectual perception from the mind and experiential reality from the feeling. This is classically what you're moving into now. So in knowing that you are right on schedule knowing that you're going through a process that has some kind of description, it's not random. That a time has come to deepen your relationship with yourself, your real self your core self your eternal self. The God nature the energy nature of you has come calling, to ask you to connect in now at a deeper level of knowing your self. And this is the interesting dynamic that will be unraveling in your life in the months to come and possibly the years to come, as you grow more and more deeply connected to the core truth of who you are. Instead of that which you might have perceived as an identity and self, that had been externalized and projected upon you by others commitments and desires and images of who they think you are.

So as you move through this reinvention it is actually an amazing opportunity and a beautiful time in your life when you understand the context of what's happening. Because in order for you to be moved into the next levels of your development fulfillment and expression this is what's required, the old energy structures the old identity awareness the old habits will start to fall away. And at times it will manifest in some physical symptoms as it's happening now. One of the things as an example that's very common during this particular part of one's evolution and change in the physical body, is there is a direct relationship between the liver and eyes. The eyes meaning what we see and what we don't want to see with our vision. Because if we are resisting the change of what we see with our vision and we are then not in harmony with our true nature, meaning your spirit is telling you you have to move forward and your mind is saying, 'God I don't know if I want to do this, this looks to be a pain in the butt quite frankly'. So there's a resistance to change happening and that will manifest in parts of your body shutting down or becoming dysfunctional for a time. But this gives us insight as to what part of us we are not paying attention to or ignoring when our spirit or our heart is trying to tell us something.

So in this case when the liver is being taxed by electromagnetic activity like this, the liver is a purification of the blood and a purification of the bloodline. The liver in many cases, and I've seen this over and over again, is the seat of ancestral record. Meaning from your father and his father and his father, through the generations, those energies are inherited and recorded within the bodies as a composite sum and total of who we are as a being in the here and now. It's understanding that you are a composite total of every emotion thought and belief that not only you've had, but that your mother and father have had. We are a product of our parentage. And this means at an energetic level when you're shifting from old family behavior that you've inherited and been designed into and directed this way the body can have a sympathetic resonance with this.

So your liver is being more taxed because the nervous system is more taxed. Your blood is going through changes trying to clear ancestral patterns. There is a relationship between the liver and the eyes, when the liver is stressed some of us will deposit that stress in our eyes. So I'm seen a direct relationship between the ancestral record in your liver connected your father, and how it's the seat of anger, ego and intellect and behaviors because I really feel a sense of your father's belief system in doing the right thing. In his mind being a man is doing the right thing. There is a very stringent set of expectations upon what is male and what isn't male in your father's mind and in your grandfather's mind. He of course took that on from his own parentage, 'a man takes it like a man' and 'a man doesn't express emotion'. A man is a warrior and a fighter for his family, he protects his families, he is a protector he is a gatherer. He supports the foundation of the family at a certain level, and that is something that you've done incredibly successfully. Much to the credit of your beautiful wife and daughters as well, which have been a part of what you've produced as an achievement in your life.

However, now that your a daughters are close to grown and things are changing, this is now time for you as well to be reinvented. And these old outworn beliefs of what it is to be a man are starting to leave. And so I'm seeing the sympathetic resonance of the effect of those particular conflicts of self-identity and what your core self is really all about. It's sort of in an internal Armageddon with this. And that internal conflict is actually playing out in your liver and in your eyes right now. And even though this may sound pretty far out in the context of the third dimensional view of what we think physical symptoms are, this is the energetic reality of it as I'm looking at it. There is an internal conflict with the changes that need to be made to be more harmonically aligned to the truth of your core self. And these places that I mentioned before that you may have been resisting or ignoring as parts of yourself, it's kind of like denying a certain part of your inner child or your creative process. Because this is just foolishness and certainly your father would think that.

So it's time for you to take off the old energy that possibly you may have been wearing from the patriarchal lineage that you are incarnated in, your father's energy and your grandfather's energy. This male energy it's like a coat you've been wearing that didn't belong to you, and it's time for you to take that coat off. And know that it's safe to do so and that you'll be protected while you do that. So in the context of spiritual awakening these are my thoughts and different perceptions on how to apply a larger context to what is happening to you now.

On one level I am very happy to see this. Yet I also know that this process can stretch you and challenge you in ways that take you past your comfort levels. And that's not always fun. But I'm sure you know that in order to achieve anything great one has to take a risk, certainly you have done that in the business world. So now you're going to do it as you apply it to your own self-development. So my feeling is that through the self-development things are changing, and this is a part that you don't have to worry about.

Right now this process is about becoming more internalized and being clear within your self. In order for you to shift into in a new outward experience, we are going to need to bring you into clarity within your self, clarity within your mind, and clarity within your emotional body so that you're clear within yourself. This is your goal right now to become clear.

The other goal is to remove fear, self-doubt, self recrimination or any other negative thought programs toward yourself or any mental subconscious parasites that you may be holding, that keep you in any kind of negative pattern of over worry or mental fixation or obsession or compulsion with something. These are all unproductive and spin your energy out and exhaust you even further. So this is where the discipline starts and so this is what the spiritual homework will be about. Is helping you with some tools to apply immediately in refocusing when you do come into any kind of negative thought form or you end up feeling worried or anxious or any of those things.

But as well I want to remind you this is why we need to do something about your nervous system. Because if your nervous system is on edge because your fried and exhausted it's going to promote more of that depressive mood. Again when one is in nervous exhaustion that's when we tend to have more negative thoughts, because were not getting the proper serotonin levels dopamine levels endorphin levels. The neurotransmitters are burnt out in our brain and we don't have enough neurotransmitters in our brain. And this is why I am suggesting any and all nervous system and brain support for you. This is really I feel going to be incredibly supportive, where you will feel a sense of well-being when you start to actually support this party your body.

Gaining Context for Mental Body Cooperation

So anyway I hope that this has been helpful and productive. Now again I never know when I'm doing a session what I'm going to be focusing on, because sometimes it can be lineages and clearing. But what I'm getting here with you that's really important is that there is a mental grasping of a context that is absolutely vital for you to shift through this transition. If you don't get it you're just going to be like a top spinning on its own without any direction, because for you it is critical that you have a pathway to align your mind your body and your spirit. Your mind is so powerful and strong and has been really overdeveloped in certain ways, that we have to include it in this process. There's a part of you that needs to have a context to understand how to apply this in a practical way, so that the mind will cooperate. And that's exactly what needs to happen right now.

We need to strengthen your physical body and address some of these vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Because you need a stronger physical body to not feel exhausted, nervous exhaustion, nerves on edge and bring you into a more relaxed state. So that you can come from a place of center and clarity and peace while you are moving through this transition. Naturally if we're exhausted it doesn't make for the best decision-making processes about who we are or what were doing. Or we just become a zombie and don't say anything because we can't we are just too exhausted to be able to process all that's going on. Stay awake to this process don't fall asleep to this because this is a profound time in your life. It is going to set the foundation of change in a whole new sense of your self and there's nothing to fear with this. The ultimate goal of this is your fulfillment your peace and your ultimate connection to yourself, in such a way that your life will become much more fulfilling. And I'm sure it is now, but at a deeper level of peace and empowerment expressing joy and love in your life. And learning how to possibly connect and communicate more efficiently with your feelings, which is vital through this process. So again I want to send my heartfelt gratitude and love to you. In deep love and gratitude, thank you so much for this opportunity.

Closing: Again I hope that this has been productive and of value to you. And my deepest heartfelt love to your whole family, your wife is very dear to me and so are you, so many blessings. Thank you so much and this concludes the first part of our session. Thank you.

Spiritual Homework

Hello, this is your spiritual homework so I wanted to go over this for a moment. So these are suggested guidelines. It is about consistency and bringing discipline making a commitment to this as a part of your personal growth. So again in your spiritual homework I'm giving you a shielding process in the first part of your day to strengthen your energy field. And the process of the recording that you can follow lasts about 15-20 minutes. But really once you learn it intellectually or mentally, just feel yourself within a shield or pillar that's fine. But I just want you to start with the intention of what you are feeling when you wake up, so you have a sense of being connected to yourself and feel yourself in that shielded process before you start your day. Because then you are checking in with yourself and your aware of how you are feeling in the moment, how you are feeling when you come in contact with others. You want to be really clear about what your boundaries are and who and what you're feeling and connecting to, your own emotion and your sense of emotional self in the moment. So that's the first part.

The second part is before bed to work with fear removal programs. In your case what would be really productive is working with resistance to change programs. So things that are creating resistance to change because of fear and not wanting to apply what that change may be. It's understanding that the change is for your higher good, meaning that which will move you out of any kind of limitation. Sometimes we don't even know what that limitation is. So when we are doing core fear removal that's really what our intent is. You want to move out of your programs and mental thought forms where you have identified with it as part of you, but it's really not. The choice is yours you can either accept that as a truth within you or not. You have to decide if you resonate with it or not as a part of you at the core level. So that is a bedtime processes.

It works best when you just intend it before you go to sleep. And you can listen to the core fear removal and that'll give you kind of a template. But I just tell people when you go to bed you can establish a connection with yourself or with your guide or with God or who ever your higher power is. And say look I'd like to dedicate my sleep to removing resistances and clearing fears. I'm wanting to completely aligned into what my soul purpose really is and what my highest fulfillment is in alignment to the process... and go to sleep. And what you did is you established an intention that while you're sleeping that you are going to remove these things from your unconscious, you are ready to clear fears and get these things that create obstacles in your subconscious out of there. And as simple as this sounds it's pretty profound and works really well.

So the next thing is as a daily goal is to monitor and track your self-awareness by cultivating a witness or observing view. So understand that being a witness has no judgment, there's no desire to control. You are able to watch what's going on without needing to control the outcome. So practice this intentionally, because what this is doing is helping to discipline your mind and your ego. As you have more mental awareness as you have more self-talk awareness you'll start to notice self-defeating programs when your ego or conscious mind is taking over. And you want to let your ego and mind know look you're not the captain of the ship and running it any longer, I'm going to allow a choice in what I experience. Instead of allowing my mind to just go on in undisciplined thoughts. Because you will be amazed by the amount of self-talk when you start to witness this in yourself. So tuning into this will help you to become aware of the content and the quality of your self-talk, and what your mental programming is. How much of it is positive and expanding and how much of it is negative and self-defeating? Which is worrying and anxiety and this kind of thing, which are the self-defeating patterns you want to become aware of and learn to refocus.

So the next part of this is done with daily practice is giving you a tool to refocus your mind when you feel triggered into a particular negative thought form or program. So obviously to become aware of the thought form you have to become present in the moment to yourself and this is the discipline. So this is a way to discipline what's known as lower mind or negative ego programming. You identify the negative thought or the negative emotional state as a distorted pattern of the ego. You are understanding, okay this is an unproductive or negative thought, I really don't want to spend my time energizing this. So I'm going to identify it as a negative thought and I'm going to start to dis-identify from it. Meaning this thought or emotional state is not you, you don't have to be it. It's a thought and that thought can be anything, you can choose anything. It's not the real self it's not the identification of who you are you are choosing the thought in the moment but doesn't mean you are that.

So as you realize that you're refocusing and relabeling that thought you begin to master your emotional states. Then you start to understand you can choose you don't have to react. You can actually choose what you want to feel or what you want to allow in as a part of your mental diet and emotional diet. You want to choose healthy foods for your body and you want to do the same thing for your mind and emotional self. Then you learn to refocus if you've become triggered, like when you identify that you're starting to feel anxiety or something. You learn to refocus yourself in order to you move yourself out of that situation, you can go for a walk or listen to music or whatever. And when you change your focus you'll notice that the anxiety shifts which is really good.

I notice the more that you practice this the easier it becomes. So I think in psychology they say it takes 21 days to cement a positive behavior, it's very similar. If you actually commit to this in three weeks you will find a major shift. In the beginning it takes discipline as the mind is all over the place, and we've not been trained in Western culture and contemporary society to actually discipline our mind. So it's a big deal for us. The Oriental or Asian teachers have been doing this for a longtime and they understand how to discipline the mind and not let it take us over. But we don't here and there in Australia you guys are probably very similar. The American thought form is we're just told to get out there and make it happen. And we don't know how to control our minds so this is a tool for that purpose.

Also I've given you an audio about what EMF fields are. Seeking to understand what the heck I'm talking about as I'm seeing a tremendous amount of electromagnetic field overexposure in your body. And the effects are our nervous system gets taxed, one gets mentally and emotionally exhausted because the nervous system is exhausted. And then physically the body gets exhausted and starts breaking down and having symptoms and problems. In understanding this you have a tool to shift it. A lot of this I find is when you have an understanding of it you can shift it. So I have a class and an article for you to read. You can listen to the class as an audio class about an hour long, which talks about EMF fields.

Then the next thing is listening to Psychic Self Defense, which is a part of energetic self-mastery. The intention is becoming more aware of self-defense, negative thought forms of mass consciousness, understanding that we can become psychically sponged by energies in the external environment and becoming more aware of these types of things. So this is a suggested class for you as well. And then also I have some book suggestions if you are at all feeling inclined.

So this is my suggestion for you as a part of your spiritual homework to give you some tools. Again it's a process I've had great success with. I want to say I support you 1000% whatever it is that you feel is empowering to you, these are just guidelines. Anyway I hope that you do find them helpful in supplying a larger context for your experience. Again thank you so much for listening.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 10-23-2009]

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