Reclaiming Christos Body

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March 2013 Meditation

Reclaiming Christos Body

This audio meditation is purposed for preparing the body to receive Krystala tones in the Double Diamond Sun, Paradisian Son Talismans, HGS Group Session to clear collective mind blueprint levels and their interactions of potential attachments of mind control and fear programs. Clearing the source of ancestral and genetic influences and their relationships to the collective mind and individual blueprint through all levels of time and identity. Address all addiction and phobias inter-related to the collective mind influences in personal mind, clear core fears that feed these addictions and their pathways in the brain, CNS, and neural net. Cleanse and wash away fears and anxiety programs related to letting go of the ego self, letting go fears of change, fear of losing money, fears of relationships, Fears of darkness and facing shadow, fear of being god forsaken, fear of commitment to trust our spirit, commitment in our life, commitment to live authentically, release fears of betrayal, clear fear of carrying debts from the ancestral family line, spiritual fears of “knowing too much”, persecution. Reclaiming the Christos for your Ancestral line, and opening the Aqua portal to help transit ancestors from past, present or future that choose this option of alignment through the Cosmic Mother Arc.

TAGS: Krystala tones, address addiction pathways, brain, CNS, neural net, clear fears of facing shadow, commit to live authentically, spiritual fears, relationship fears

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