Removal of Crucifixion Implants

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October 2009 Meditation

Removal of Crucifixion Implants

Remove (Jehovian Seals) Crucifixion seals and command to return ALL fire letters, jewels, wings, energies and parts of bodies that have been misdirected and return them NOW to the Rightful Owner. CORE SOUL PROTECTION PACKAGE to the Multidimensional Identities, Ancestral Identities and those Attached seeking the Release of this Dispensation at this Moment of self, Fully, Completely and totally through all Parallel Realities and existences. Universal Harmonique Alignment Technique BI VECA/TRI VECA WAVE PATTERNS (Jehova Implant Removal).

TAGS: fire letters, return to rightful owner command, universal harmonique alignment technique, bi veca, tri veca, jehovian seal or crux implant removal

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