Sacred Wound

From Ascension Glossary

The Sacred Wound healing is the most challenging for all human being’s on this earth and are all issues concerning sexuality and gender conflicts. The sacred wound is ultimately sexual healing, and when we can face our sexual trauma by creating a safe container for those energies to be witnessed and dissolved safely, we can start to unify and heal these energetic imbalances.

Archontic Deception Strategyies have engineered rampant sexual abuse as a syndrome that impacts all of our society. With the promotion of Victim-Victimizer programs placed on sexual abuse victims, this creates painful trauma because of the shame it instills and how our culture tends to suppress any information about this topic. Children are three times more at risk to be victims of rape than adults and it is more likely for a child to experience sexual abuse at the hands of a family member or another supposedly trustworthy adult. Childhood sexual trauma can have a profoundly devastating effects upon an individual.

This immediately sets up severe trauma with distrust around the child’s perception of the Mother-Female or Father-Male Roles. This unhealed trauma greatly impacts how that gender role will be perceived as an adult, many times that gender will become energetically rejected inside that person. This is a less visible version of post-traumatic stress that many people on the earth live with every day. This painful abuse sets up the distortion of the False Parent, where even as an adult, that person still holds traumatic beliefs defining male and female roles, and is unable to trust themselves and others. This unresolved gender trauma will impact all relationships, and will amplify problems with the gender most impacted by imbalances.

Most humans are not aware we hold both masculine and feminine energies inside our Lightbody, and when we are out of balance with one or both genders, it will create a variety of energetic disturbances and potential disease patterns. The most prevalent issue is that we cannot create healthy, connected, loving and balanced intimate relationships with anyone, until we have healed our inner gender issues. Self-acceptance and gender acceptance, going beyond our biological parental patterns, is very important as a foundation to creating fulfilling and loving relationships.

These areas of defining all roles male and female, as well as the sexual nature of how these roles have been experienced may need energetic balancing, in order to clear painful obstacles to spiritual growth. Ultimately, we will need to see that these are painful distortions that have been placed there by the NAA Mind Control agendas. We will need to forgive our parental figures and those whom we may feel hurt us as children and adults. Many of these people had no idea of the actual pain and trauma they caused, and were used as mind controlled puppets from their own unhealed pain. When we are brave enough to heal our pain and trauma, we stop the abusive cycle from happening again. These abusive agendas have zero bearing on our self-worth or true spiritual relationship to our true God Parent.

If you are facing sexual abuse trauma, it is important to do what you need to, and create a safe space for yourself where you can relax. Acknowledge that you are validated in all of your feelings and emotions, and that you did have a painful, tough and traumatic experience. It is important to acknowledge this happened and accept it as it is, without shame and guilt. It is not your fault, and reaffirm to yourself that this event was not your fault, there is nothing for you to be ashamed of. It takes time to recognize our own emotional needs and develop appropriate boundaries. The first step involves getting in touch with our deeper feelings.

Expressing the sexual trauma event in journaling and the ways it changed you as a person, may be helpful to observe the larger patterns of what you have learned through this experience. Memories and emotions associated with sexual trauma are stored within the body. Many times we need to find expression of pent up or suppressed feelings in the body by writing it out freely. This allows our Consciousness to bear witness to the trauma from the perception of just observing the event.

Practice total relaxation and meditation, with the intention of bringing healing and restoring energetic balance to your bodily systems. During the phase of Gemini, we will have extra consciousness power to address healing for sexual issues. Many survivors of sexual trauma experience a sense of hatred or disgust for their bodies. Repeat affirmations of how much you love yourself and your body, focusing upon self-love and loving kindness in all ways possible. As you learn to create appropriate boundaries and grounded safety for yourself, a sense of liberation from these painful feelings of the past is possible.[1]


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