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Satanism also intentionally panders to the atheist and scientific communities, as a recruiting mechanism for a far more nefarious agenda that serves the NAA. Satanic grooming methods manipulate those who do not understand the existence of consciousness existing without a physical body, or the consequences of giving energetic consent and authority to Satanic forces. There are many people working in our society who have the same ideological beliefs as those shared in common with Satanism, yet they are not thought of as criminals but are revered as powerful leaders in business, science and technology. Essentially, this is the socially engineered society in which we have been groomed into using the three layers of ego filter and psychologically manipulated to co-create in the materialistic Death Culture, which is an Anti-Soul Agenda. The primary main philosophies that interconnect throughout the different branches of Satanism include the following:

  • Service to Self, each person should do whatever they can to advance their personal power and influence in the world no matter what the cost, no matter what kind of harm is generated. It’s either you or them.
  • Moral Nihilism, there is no such thing as ethics or standards of right or wrong behavior, therefore as human beings we have the right to act upon our whims and base our actions accordingly.
  • Social Darwinism, the belief that survival of the fittest and the strongest will always prevail to rule, and the focus on personal needs and survival in order to gain rulership is required by any means necessary.
  • Eugenics, those that are most fit to rule are the top genetic specimens and thus, they decide how to propagate the future of the human gene pool, by deciding who lives and who dies.

The Controllers, both human and nonhuman, that practice Satanic Ideology at whatever variant, intend to socially engineer the unaware masses towards self-destruction and spiritual weakness in order to divide and conquer those they believe are genetically inferior, ignorant and unworthy. Here we can see the master-slave narrative in action through the Satanic ideology. Therefore, humanity is being indoctrinated with Satanic Ideology through assorted mind control and propaganda tactics, because the masses do not understand that they have been given a false narrative, a false version of Satanism that is being promoted by the mainstream media and popular culture.

Through the lens of atheistic science with the Satanic Ideology overlay, the thought process is that humans are only animals in which ethics, morality, Compassion and Empathy are just human inventions, therefore only personal will, exercising might and power is the right. In this fractured mindset, there is no God or organizing creative force in our Universe, the declaration is that God source is a religious delusion and we live in a system of entropy. Thus, in this ideological mindset, a person who chooses his own selfish interests always, without care for the harm he/she does to others, they could be an addict, sadistic manipulator, murderer or a Power Elite, is in all intents and purposes an agent for spreading Satanism, an agent for serving the NAA.

This can be a harsh reality check when we begin to awaken to this deeper clarity about the environment we find ourselves in, on 3D earth. Yet, it is empowering as this holds greater knowledge, once we can accept and understand how this force works through others. In that realization we can accept responsibility for our own actions and take steps to transform our mindset. Once we see how the Satanic worldviews have been subliminally programmed into our unconscious mind, we can observe our thoughts and beliefs consciously, rediscovering our true self. [1]


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