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Moral Nihilism (also known as ethical nihilism, amoralism or the error theory) is the meta-ethical view that nothing is morally right or wrong. Moral nihilism is distinct from moral relativism, which allows for actions wrong relative to a particular culture or individual.[1]

Satanic Ideology

Satanism also intentionally panders to the atheist and scientific communities, as a recruiting mechanism for a far more nefarious agenda that serves the NAA. Satanic grooming methods manipulate those who do not understand the existence of consciousness existing without a physical body, or the consequences of giving energetic consent and authority to Satanic forces. There are many people working in our society who have the same ideological beliefs as those shared in common with Satanism, yet they are not thought of as criminals but are revered as powerful leaders in business, science and technology. Essentially, this is the socially engineered society in which we have been groomed into using the three layers of ego filter and psychologically manipulated to co-create in the materialistic Death Culture, which is an Anti-Soul Agenda. The primary main philosophies that interconnect throughout the different branches of Satanism include the following:

  • Service to Self, each person should do whatever they can to advance their personal power and influence in the world no matter what the cost, no matter what kind of harm is generated. It’s either you or them.
  • Moral Nihilism, there is no such thing as ethics or standards of right or wrong behavior, therefore as human beings we have the right to act upon our whims and base our actions accordingly.
  • Social Darwinism, the belief that survival of the fittest and the strongest will always prevail to rule, and the focus on personal needs and survival in order to gain rulership is required by any means necessary.
  • Eugenics, those that are most fit to rule are the top genetic specimens and thus, they decide how to propagate the future of the human gene pool, by deciding who lives and who dies.[2]

Death Culture

Obviously there are a lot of proponents of the Death Culture. That would be the Satanists primarily but death cultures exist as well across the world and they hold the general belief that the life or the physical body is meaningless and therefore nothing in the material world or physical realm really has any true purpose or value. We also have some proponents of the Death Culture that would say that killing a person or killing children or animals or murdering or raping could be neither right nor wrong because morality and ethics are non-existent and further, more proponents of let's say the religious violence death culture may say that Blood Sacrifice or killing other people that are infidels and they do this in the name of their god that this is a pious action that will get them to nirvana in the afterlife.

The preponderance of moral nihilistic belief in science in society has generalized thought forms that are used to promote and spread death culture in humanity. It basically explains that morality is not a relative truth in any sense and because there's moral features in this world nothing's right or wrong. This is really just giving people an excuse for really negative behaviours to not be accountable or responsible to the consequences and to further not feel remorse or Empathy for other people. This prevalent belief in Moral Nihilism combined with the death culture is quite effective at mass producing, marketing and amplifying an array of negative forces generating pain, suffering and torture of humanity. It is a social political tool used to cultivate human suffering and convert the energy it generates - this is monetizing human pain, that's what's done down here. To be able to see it I know it's difficult but we need to look at it and see it so that we try to not feed it. Converting the energy it generates is monetizing human suffering and this is continuing to enforce the enslavement of the human race.

We share this world with a lot of life forms, some we can physically see and others we cannot physically see and these life forms have sentient intelligence. We could consider a dark force, an entity or a satanic creature or even a conjured type of creature to have some kind of sentient intelligence because these types of gollums and weird creatures also exist as conjured or produced entities that are sent out by these negative forces. It is true to ask the question how would these ideas of Moral Nihilism be impacted if human beings could actually feel the pain they're creating, the pain that they feel in themselves or that they're creating in others that they love and that they could actually feel the suffering consciousness of a living creature when it's being harmed or when it's in the process of dying? When we experience the fear and pain created when a creature is brutalized, we can feel the pain of a living creature when it dies exposed to extreme states of cruelty and to know that this pain and cruelty doesn't leave when the body is killed. It stays there in the land. It stays there in the sentient field right where the act of brutality occurred until unconditional love cleanses it.[3]


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