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Moving on into redefining sentience by quantifying World Suffering. We talked about how Death Culture rejects any topics that would include something credible. They like to discredit anything that has to do with sentience or spirit so if there's anything that's going to talk about redefining the nature of sentience, consciousness, spirit or Soul we've got to open that discussion that this exists independently of religion. There's something that happens in the mental polarization between the religious structures and the science and academia structures is that it's one or the other. Instead of discussing that the nature of sentience exists independently of all of that. This is just how it is. If we see that the death culture is designed to dehumanize people by stripping them of their Soul, stripping them of sentience because if people treat others as faceless numbers or business owners only treat people as consumers for profit then we reject humans for their own humanity, their own dignity. We make people appear subhuman this way and it's much easier for people to commit harm against others when they're thinking of other people as faceless numbers or as subhuman or totally separate from them. That's really a part of the underneath psychological motivation. They want to disconnect us from each other so that we don't think twice about committing harm.

All living things have sentient consciousness and its certainly very profound to truly understand that the pain and suffering that is experienced while in a body continues to occur when that spirit or consciousness is out of the body and especially when the pain that was experienced remains unrecognized or it’s hidden or unhealed. The physical body of all living things is a repository that holds some type of sentient soul consciousness. It makes up an energetic spiritual body that is interconnected to a larger Collective Consciousness. Therefore the energetic and spiritual consequences of destructive actions like those dark actions that intend to generate some kind of harm, suffering or emotional trauma and direct that against the human race, once that suffering and emotional trauma happens it doesn't leave the physical realm just because the body has expired.

So, when a person, an animal or a living thing is intentionally harmed, killed traumatically and it suffers the energetic result and vibration of that harm and suffering it’s embedded into the memory of the Earth body and the memory of that person and all those interconnected with them. The energetic result of that unhealed pain can also attach itself to the pain body of many other people or if it's a massive global trauma it impacts the entire human species memory. Truly, I feel it's incredibly important to understand the spiritual energetic implication of human torture and pain that is inflicted on any kind of life form no matter how big or small is recorded in the Earth and this information does not clear, transit or neutralize until that pain is witnessed and spiritually healed.

So, for a moment, I know it's unpleasant but imagine how this accumulative pain becomes an energetic thing and how that energetic thing, that ball of pain impacts the well-being and sanity of the people on this Earth, the people who are not aware that the pain that they're feeling is connected to the collective pain and as well when we see could this be symptomatic of the massive epidemic of pain numbing drugs that so many millions of people are addicted to just to relieve some of their pain and suffering. Clearly, in answering that question for myself I know it to be true. The pain in this Earth is massive and when we see that pain and understand how it got there we clearly do not want to add any more.

This cycle of pain that is created in this anti-human culture (and again is another method of the Social Engineering) is creating a problem and then analyzing the reaction - this would be again thinking of the masses, somebody's trying to socially engineer the population of planet Earth. So in smaller macro to micro situations - because again this could happen in a city, a nation or all kinds of different smaller organizations as well but it’s about creating some kind of problem. So, the problem is being created and then gauging the reaction in order to determine what kind of deceit, or kind of solution can be offered as a result of the problem. This is done a lot to spin doctor people into a certain position that the power elite want to bring those people into support for. It could be support for war, support for invasion of another country. They try to spin this problem, reaction and solution in order to get a popular support for that to happen. In understanding that pain and suffering is recorded in the Earth and that residue of pain is also carried by genetic lineage and the rest of the human race that's on the Earth the pain continues to accumulate in the Earth and the human race until the cycle of pain and suffering is identified, recognized and cleared out from the Earth and the people. So, the cause of pain and suffering must be identified in order to stop the painful recycling of previously recorded pain which if left hidden continues to recycle and generate even more pain and suffering consciousness fields back into the Earth.

A way to understand this as a part of the recycling and the reincarnation that happened here is you could have people that have been on this Earth in multiple lifetimes where they have experienced some kind of extreme pain in say a holocaust or a war situation and they've had this repeated experience where they're either blown up or they're killed tragically in some kind of holocaust because they keep playing that out. This is what I mean when I'm talking about the painful recycling of previously recorded pain. It would be like understanding many of the people in Syria today were in the holocaust in WWII undergoing the same Armageddon Software, undergoing the same kind of brutality of this record of genocide, holocaust, war or pain. In the fragmentation and not being able to heal that it continues to recycle in future time. It continues to recycle and generate even more pain and suffering into the Earth.

It's impossible to find effective solutions for human suffering and pain when we are being deceived, when people are being deceived and given misinformation by those who are protecting their selfish interests. Real solutions start with full disclosure and global transparency. Solutions will not work when they're creating from misinformation and lies and also carried out by those people that are already compromised because they're committing fraud and manipulation of the public in order to engineer the death culture. Another purpose behind this death culture is generating as much human harm and suffering so that's the problem. They generate the suffering, they generate the harm and that would be like disease, the diseases that they propagate out there all the time and then they offer a solution, which is the vaccination. This is to create a deceitful solution so they can monetize world suffering. They can monetize pain and sickness. They create the disease, they see the reaction and then they offer the solution and they exploit desperate people by offering some expensive solution to this supposed disease.

Temporary and deceitful solutions are mass marketed to address human pain and suffering to people that are usually marginalized and disadvantaged. This may include gross financial extractions into large debt or perpetuating addiction cycles and then leading that person into complete submission to further dehumanization agendas. That's what these problem/reaction/solutions are about to make people submit to further and further cycles of dehumanization. This formula is being used problem/reaction and then providing a deceitful solution which produces more human suffering and makes it easy for dark entities to exploit the person's consciousness body. This creates a dissociated human body functioning as an energetic shell that's being used to enforce the consciousness enslavement in the death culture. If we continually are supporting the death culture, whether we're blindly supporting it because we don't understand still it's further spreading more harm and suffering in the world in order to produce for a desperate and despairing population that is easily controlled and manipulated by this problem, reaction and solution.

Obviously there are a lot of proponents of the death culture. That would be the Satanists primarily but death cultures exist as well across the world and they hold the general belief that the life or the physical body is meaningless and therefore nothing in the material world or physical realm really has any true purpose or value. We also have some proponents of the death culture that would say that killing a person or killing children or animals or murdering or raping could be neither right nor wrong because morality and ethics are non-existent and further, more proponents of let's say the religious violence death culture may say that blood sacrifice or killing other people that are infidels and they do this in the name of their god that this is a pious action that will get them to nirvana in the afterlife.

It's important to remember that as above so below that as the negative aliens carry out their destructive social engineering on the Earth it's because human beings let them in by not recognizing what they are actually participating with. Free right to expression should not include perpetrating harm or deception or intending to steal power and manipulate control over others. Through social engineering the design for humanity is to accept the death culture as something normal like it was the organic result of humanity's evolution because humans are just inherently degenerates. Humans are brainwashed to believe in original sin and that degenerate behaviours are sourcing from humans when it is non-humans explicitly involved in it. As an example, our planet receives a tremendous amount of carrier wave broadcasts of pedophilia, of sexual desires aimed at children. These are thoughts that are being projected into people's minds. Is it their fault? Certainly, this is understanding that some of this falls on the fact that non-humans are explicitly involved in creating these conditions. Truly, why would any sane human seek to create destructive images of killing it's own species and having sex with it's own children? And the answer to that question is because those behind this agenda to make humans suffer in agony are not human. As humans continue to carry out the death culture belief systems this justifies the hatred that accepts killing, victimization and exploitation of other humans and while we're allowing this to happen these satanic forces infiltrate and control more of the people on this Earth especially those people in positions of power.

The preponderance of moral nihilistic belief in science in society has generalized thought forms that are used to promote and spread death culture in humanity. It basically explains that morality is not a relative truth in any sense and because there's moral features in this world nothing's right or wrong. This is really just giving people an excuse for really negative behaviours to not be accountable or responsible to the consequences and to further not feel remorse or empathy for other people. This prevalent belief in Moral Nihilism combined with the death culture is quite effective at mass producing, marketing and amplifying an array of negative forces generating pain, suffering and torture of humanity. It is a social political tool used to cultivate human suffering and convert the energy it generates - this is monetizing human pain, that's what's done down here. To be able to see it I know it's difficult but we need to look at it and see it so that we try to not feed it. Converting the energy it generates is monetizing human suffering and this is continuing to enforce the enslavement of the human race.

We share this world with a lot of life forms, some we can physically see and others we cannot physically see and these life forms have sentient intelligence. We could consider a dark force, an entity or a satanic creature or even a conjured type of creature to have some kind of sentient intelligence because these types of gollums and weird creatures also exist as conjured or produced entities that are sent out by these negative forces. It is true to ask the question how would these ideas of Moral Nihilism be impacted if human beings could actually feel the pain they're creating, the pain that they feel in themselves or that they're creating in others that they love and that they could actually feel the suffering consciousness of a living creature when it's being harmed or when it's in the process of dying? When we experience the fear and pain created when a creature is brutalized, we can feel the pain of a living creature when it dies exposed to extreme states of cruelty and to know that this pain and cruelty doesn't leave when the body is killed. It stays there in the land. It stays there in the sentient field right where the act of brutality occurred until unconditional love cleanses it.

And this is really important to understand that that is the true gift and purpose of Gridworkers because we witness the pain. We witness the cruelty that is still there after the bodies are gone, after the people are gone from different timelines because they're stuck there because they can't leave there until that pain or blockage is removed. It is true. I have had many thoughts about my greatest wish that all humans on this Earth could feel the painful results created in this world as the suffering we see in this world many times is being caused from people's own choices to repeatedly carry out the same destructive actions over and over again. Once you truly know how intense the suffering is in this world, how intense the slavery caused in this world through this suffering a sane person - it has nothing to do with spirituality, it has nothing to with consciousness - any sane person doesn't want to create any more harm when they figure this out, when they feel it, when they experience it, when it becomes a part of the process of direct knowledge of Gnostic experience. It has nothing to do with mental judgements of what is right or what is wrong or any kind of self-indignant morality based in religion. It is simply a universal truth.[1]


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