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A Seed Fear is a genetically rooted fear resulting from a traumatic experience that established that particular fear pattern in the cellular memory of the planetary energy matrix body - and, consequently, in the human being's energy matrix body.

There were certain time cycles of human evolution in which incredibly traumatic experiences left great energetic impacts. These impacts resulted in many distorted patterns of fear. These distorted fear patterns were then recorded in the various layers of the energy fields' collective unconscious "memory". Further, a permanent imprint was left on the many individual layers of consciousness that participated in that original event. These traumatic records of experience were recorded in the energy matrix and cells of every living thing.

Every event no matter how great or small that is experienced by any part of "consciousness" is recorded in the various layers of the energetic and time matrix.

During the human seeding "experiments", particular events transpired that caused just such an incredible trauma to occur. Once such experiment is referred to as the "Lemurian Root Race" cycle. This was one of the first Ascension Cycles of the human experiment that was not "successful" (depending on the viewer's perception). As a result, a distorted fear pattern was genetically passed down to all humans who incarnated into ensuing Ascension Cycles. This theme of experience and its resulting pattern is called the "Seed Fear".

These Seed Fears also result from the Primordial Imprints of Separation from God-Source and the trauma therein experienced by the soul.


March 2006 Newsletter

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 187