Smell Crisis

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Traumatic memories are recorded in various stations of the bodily matrices, the nervous system, energy bodies, as well as the spiritual identities. A smell crisis is a particular trauma that is triggered into one level or more of the multidimensional bodies that is activated into crisis or shock reaction when that pattern, odor, smell, aroma or fragrance is recognized through the sense of smell. Our sensory faculties can be traumatized from events in the past, present or future. This trauma can be buried in the unconscious layers of the body and can contribute to phobias, addictions and other types of fears. Many times these fears appear irrational to the circumstantial events that trigger trauma, shock or fears in the person.

As example, many people that have had traumatic alien abduction scenarios are traumatized by smells or odor. When an extradimensional entity violates the human beings freedom through abduction, they usually warp space time as well as place false memories or other technologies that are designed to create an altered sense of reality for the abductee. In repeated abduction cases, many report a smell as well as other higher sensory patterns that become associated to the abduction scenario, which triggers fear and anxiety. Grey aliens specifically are known to use holographic inserts which scramble or change brain patterns that will create bizarre and unique sensory experiences for the abductee, or alien implanted individual. When these technologies are being applied, at any stage, the space-time is being warped and that creates strange or unusual artifacts for the person’s perception of their reality. One common issue is that strange smells accompany the entity, the visit in general or the smell while being in in a laboratory or clinical setting.

Common odors in abduction scenarios : moldy, musty, damp, curdled cheese, sulphur, wet cardboard box, sterile smells (i.e. chemical)Grey alien technology can distort brain olfactory nerves so that the smell is confusing to the person, like the air in the room smells odd, non-human smells, cinnamon like. Demonic or Satanic entities can have a foul odor that can be “sensed” through other sensory bodies rather than the human nose. In all of these examples, and yet many more potential combinations, it may be possible where it is beneficial to clear the trauma memory or “smell crisis” from the individual.

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 92