Solar Twin Michael-Mary Giza Activation

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August 2018 Meditation

Solar Twin Michael-Mary Giza Activation

The pre-requisite for this meditation is the Platinum Crystal Activation from June 2018. In this meditation we will intend to connect into the Sun Disc Network with the platinum crystal, and in service to the earth and humanity, we offer to run the code for the platinum crystal to support the Sun Disc network in the location of Giza, Egypt to reclaim fire letters, male and female DNA codes and time vector codes from reversal networks. In this meditation we will travel to underground area of Giza, Egypt to recollect genetic time codes and restore corrected 12 strand diamond sun gender principle architecture. In the highest coherent frequency of the eternal oneness and unity consciousness, I sanctify and bless my body, mind, soul and spirit to be a holder of the Platinum Crystal in service to God, and in service to the divine plan for the highest good of all. Beloved Spirits of Christ please help me to purify my body and consciousness in so that I may serve my highest expression, to allow the eternal love flow of God to pass through me offering grace, blessings and connection with God in all ways. Beloved Holy Presence of God, we present the Solar Michael and Solar Mary united as one embodied and standing for humanity in the beautiful eternal light of the Solar Temple. Please bless those hearts and bodies to reflect your perfect will and image as designed in the highest expression of perfect gender balance. Beloved Michael and Mary we love you eternally. We consecrate our efforts to the continued building of the diamond sun body on the earth, Krystallah in so that all may know the truth, beauty and way back home to the eternal living light. Beloved God may Christ Michael and Christ Mary be united as ONE heart forevermore, to be One at home in the eternal light, may their sacred hierogamic union be witnessed as one and be witnessed as the intended divine design of our holy alliance and sacred covenant with God on this earth.

This session may involve grid work. We ask newcomers to ask this question of their higher self.

Beloved God self, is this meditation in alignment to my highest and divine expression in this moment, yes or no?

If you received a no answer turn this meditation off.

If you received a yes, please continue. (45:10 minutes)

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