Sovereign Brain and Nervous System

From Ascension Glossary
Emerald Gold Templar (art by Sequoia)[1]

This is intended as a command for sovereignty of brain and nervous system.

Beloveds, amplify and connect with your 12th dimensional shield, strengthening your inner vertical pillar, intending to connect directly with God and Cosmic Christos.

Beloved holy Presence, please guide me in right alignment through my intention to command personal sovereignty over my brain and nervous system. Please amplify my Christos shielding to realize my divine purpose in service to God. I am God, I am sovereign, I am free.

As you amplify your inner pillar, intend to strengthen your inner core, and speak to your body, brain and nervous system with tender loving care. Beloved body, beloved brain, beloved central nervous system, I speak to you as a sentient intelligence with love, compassion and empathy. I accept the responsibility to be in charge of my God Sovereign Freedom, and devote myself to right alignment with God, and so nothing will compromise this.

Beloved body, I will do my best to take good care of you. Thank you for all that you do for me, to keep me healthy, sane and balanced. I now lovingly command my brain and nervous system.

Beloved, accept only messages that are organic to my highest expression of divinity, as God would have a be. Beloved, accept no message that is inorganic mind control programs, nanotech weaponry of surveillance, tracking, or artificial intelligence neural networks from the anti-Christ entities, human or non-humans, that are using energy weapons with intent to harm.

Beloved permit only that which supports my highest good and divine sovereign purpose as God would have it be. All else that is harmful is evicted and forbidden, now. All else that is harmful is evicted and forbidden, now. All else that is harmful is evicted and forbidden, now.

I do not consent to artificial intelligence technologies for the purpose of mind control and implanted thoughts superimposed upon my organic consciousness and the power and authority of God and Christos. Any inorganic, intrusive artificial messages or impulses are evicted and forbidden in natural law, now. As I am God, Sovereign, and Free, this I decree!

Beloved Godself, do I have mind control scripts, splitter tech, or frequency following technology loaded that needs to be cleared from my brain, mind and body? If yes, let us continue.

Beloved holy presence of God, families of Krystal Aurora, please identify, locate, remove and repair the following:

  • Terminate mind control programs of splitter technology and their loaded scripts.
  • Terminate and clear frequency following response programs with artificially generated frequencies and silent energy weapons.
  • Terminate artificially superimposed or harmful alpha waves.
  • Terminate artificially superimposed or harmful beta waves
  • Terminate artificially superimposed or harmful delta waves.
  • Terminate artificially superimposed or harmful theta waves.
  • Terminate artificially superimposed or harmful gamma waves.
  • Terminate all artificial frequencies used as weaponry with intent to harm.
  • Further terminate post hypnotic commands.
  • Terminate post hypnotic suggestions.
  • Terminate REM deprivation programs from my required sleep pattern to function optimally.
  • Terminate AI induction programs loaded as scripts into my neurons, axons and dendrites. Terminate script identifier.
  • Terminate script locator.
  • Terminate script trigger.
  • Terminate script content.
  • Terminate script time code or duration code.

STS sweep.

Beloveds, I lovingly command my brain and nervous system as self-sovereign and that my Brain Waves, neurons, and central nervous system are solely directed by my God self, Christ self and my highest spiritual sovereign consciousness to immediately clear all implants, structures or devices as well as evict any entities, bindings, and attachments.

Please identify, locate, remove and repair distortions in brain memory storage within the hippocampus memory files and archives for personal memories.

  • Correct prefrontal cortex.
  • Correct critical thinking, reasoning, and the storage of patterns for reaching conclusions after discovering information.
  • Correct Wernicke’s area.
  • Clear booby traps of recorded speech.
  • Clear the Wernicke's area of the brain function to comprehend speech sounds and language.

STS sweep.

  • Correct the Broca area.
  • Correct verbal speech and clear all implants and programming of language comprehension that activates impulsive speech within the Broca area.
  • Correct the amygdala and emotional impulses as stored emotional memories as organic and aligned to my organic consciousness.
  • Correct cerebellum, autonomic physical memories and muscle sensory memories.
  • Correct and strengthen the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands.
  • Correct and strengthen my limbic system and correct all links into my spiritual connection with God and my inner Christ self.

Beloveds, please repair all internal systems by rebooting my Diamond Sun body to the corrected 12-tree grid of my personal core manifestation body, and with an astral core reset if needed or necessary. Please generate crystal master number codes for my Avatar Christ self, if needed or necessary, to lock down and anchor the repair sequences.

Beloveds, please clear all memories and influences that have impacted all timelines and stations of identity that are relevant to this clearing. Beloved cosmic father, simple triad sweep. Eliminate, release, protect, sovereign Zero Point. Thank you God.

Beloveds, we thank you, and so it is commanded in true spiritual law as cosmic sovereign Law of One. We anchor, lock, and seal in the power and authority of God and Christ. Thank you God. And so it is.


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