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==How the Baphomet is used today==
The symbol of [[Baphomet]] is often used by Satanists and Witches in ritual for conjuring elemental and other forces. Many do not realize they are interacting with the [[NAA]] [[Leviathan Races]]. Traditional Witches believe its symbolism is the representation of harmony between two polarities. This is a partially twisted half-truth until one knows the entire energetic landscape of [[NAA]] and what this collective [[Satanic]] force conjures into the material reality. The Guardian perspective is the [[Baphomet]] is a satanic field in the earth that came into creation through the Baal demonic entities, such as Baal Zebub that created underworld entities such as the [[Leviathan Races]]. [[Baphomet]] is used to access the 2D elemental kingdoms to control forces in 3D physical reality via conjuring rituals. Generally these rituals are performed as superimposing one's will upon others to serve one's selfish ego or dark ignorance. When calling on [[Baphomet]] one is spreading vampirism, [[Addiction Webbing]] and [[Satanic]] forces and [[NAA]] entities like the [[Leviathan Races]] to enter the body of human beings on the earth.
[[Baphomet]] has many hidden layers of magical symbolism in its commonly used sigil created by Eliphas Levi in 1856. The symbol was adopted as a pseudonym by Alistair Crowley with support from the [[NAA]] to spread the popularity of witchcraft to easily move into Satanism. It connects to elemental forces in the earth body, in its association with the anti-life conjuring of the four elements EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER. It is devoid of Holy Spirit and consists of composition of [[Dead Energy]], astral waste products and material elements. Baphomet is also associated with the lunar energy and the phases of the moon related to the moon child rituals of the [[Moon Chain]]. The collective field when viewed appears as the abortion of many grotesque and deformed creatures mixed with human-animal astral garbage on the [[Astral Plane]]. This field can animate when called upon for conjuring when it is combined with the mental body of a human being using it in ritual or other purposes. Those that are addicted to its power source generally have it connected into their sexual organs in the 2D areas, like Alistair Crowley, a sexual deviant.<ref>[ Song of Christos Sophia Newsletter February 2014]</ref>
==Womb Worlds==

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