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Goat of Mended
A lot of this is understanding that this impacts humanities world [[Soul]]. A part of these creations if you will, are not only just like [[Fallen Angelic]] pieces of mind that got stuck in the earth, sort of compacted in the earth, but its also these strange hierarchies of entities that are there. Sort of again grotesque creations, they look like mutants or something, shadow creatures, pieces of things that are very hard to put a name to, because they just seem like something grotesque. Again in working with the [[Baphomet]] fields in the past, again it looked like a garbage dump, its like there's insects, there's flies, there's maggots, there's rotting flesh, there's all kinds of strange things in there, and that was a part of the [[Baphomet]] field but extending it out and understanding these womb worlds are the areas that they were impregnated. The mothers body was split into parts, these material forces of [[Satanic|satanism]] took these parts and impregnated it and again parasites where born out of it. Through understanding ... [[Tiamat]] exploded as a planet and our planet has a direct relationship to [[Tiamat]], because my feeling.. is that [[Tiamat]] was a partner planet to our [[Tara]], so meaning that it was either like a sister, or it was understanding that the destruction of [[Tiamat]] meant that our planet would need a moon. Before this we didn't have a [[moon]], like the satellite we have here. It was like saying we were a binary twin, and so I understand that [[Tiamat]] has a very specific relationship to why this planet has a moon, and why this planet was infected with [[Moon Chain|Moon Lineages]] and laggards that didn't make it in the last planetary schema, meaning that through the evolutionary levels of the solar system, all of the criminals basically came here, that's who the [[Moon Chain|moon lineages]] are, and the [[Moon Chain|moon lineages]] then developed the [[Sexual Misery|sexual misery program]], which is a part of splitting the gender and creating all of this sexual misery in our race. So this is so involved at so much in terms of the domino effect that this has had on our planet.......but again I would equate the womb world to the [[Achamoth]], and where the Dark Mother was formed. Meaning they had to create a match to the [[False King of Tyranny]], meaning that archetype, so the Dark Mother is related to what was spawned out of the [[Achamoth]], and it appears that [[Uluru]] is a place because of the alpha-omega alignment, meaning that access all the way in from the core of our Earth all the way into the ninth dimension, into what is known as the Meta-galactic core, that that alpha-omega accesses a part of the [[Creatrix Field]] and somehow that was replicated here in this planet, and this impregnation occurred which again more appropriately to me feels like rape. <ref>Transcribed from Q&A Sept 2014</ref>
==Goat of MendedMendes== The "Goat of Mendes" is represented in the occult by the inverted pentagram (or inverted five-pointed star) and is common to witchcraft, satanism, and some other occult traditions or organizations. It is considered to be an extremely diabolical symbol by persons familiar with occult esoteric teachings and practices. It represents what is known as the [[Baphomet ]]representation of an evil horned god. The Egyptian "roots" are shocking, and leave a trail of evil with an expanding base of influence in our century. In medieval times the Devil was sometimes called the Goat of Mendes because at this temple in ancient Egypt bizarre rituals were performed involving naked priestesses performing the sex act with goats.<ref>[p. 13 The Occult Conspiracy: Secret Societies --- Their Influence and Power in World History,Michael Howard, 1989]</ref>

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