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*HGS Session dedicated to the purposes of the Krystal Star Host for Clearing [[Canis Major]] constellation
==Zodiac and Planets==
* [[Seven Sacred Planets]]
* Hidden Planets : _____________
==Challenge Identity==
Challenge Identity - [[Behemoth]]
Challenge Identity ___[[Behemoth]]==Messier Objects==* M7* M11* M12* M13* M14* M15* M16* M17* M18* M19* M20* M21* M22* M31* M33* M34* M35* M36* M37* M38* M39* M40* M41* M44* M45* M46* M47* M48* M49* M50* M51* M53* M54* M55* M56* M57* M58* M59* M60* M61* M62* M63* M64* M65* M66* M67* M68* M69* M70* M73* M74* M75* M78* M79* M80* M81* M82* M83* M84* M85* M86* M87* M90* M92* M94* M96* M98* M100==HGS Session References==
==HGS Session References==
HGS Sessions - Clearing [[Canis Major Constellation]] - 4/4/2015 <ref> HGS Session</ref>

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