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The [[Guardian Host]] perspective is the Baphomet is a [[Satanic]] field in the earth that came into creation as spirits created through the Baal demonic entities, such as Baal Zebub of the [[Fallen Angelic]] collectives abuse of the [[Sophianic Body]]. This is essentially the [[SRA]] abuse of the Holy Mothers [[Cathar]] body, holding her hostage by binding her body into the earth through demonic forces. These [[Fallen Angelics]] captured the [[Sophianic Body]] through impregnation of her essence and using her spirit to create [[Womb Worlds]], spaces in the phantom realms which spawn parasitic creatures. These collective spawns are what make up the [[Baphomet]] field that exists in the 2D layers of planet earth. This is the source of ancient pain held th eplanet that in the planet body when we lsot lost our MOthertrue Mother, and it is felt in all lineages of the Holy Mother, The Cathar lines, the Mary-Magdalene Sophia's, which is are the female genetic equal equals of the masculine form of [[Christos]].
[[Baphomet]] is used to access the 2D elemental kingdoms to control forces in 3D physical reality via conjuring rituals and others ways of self promotion. Calling upon [[Baphomet]] in [[Thelema]] ritual practices was made popular by [[Aleister Crowley]], the [[NAA]] minion that was used to open portals that allowed [[Negative Aliens]] to invade the [[Planetary Grid Network]]. <ref>[ Song of Christos Sophia Newsletter February 2014]</ref>

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