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Immanuel codes are activation sequence codes that release dimensional locks located at each level of the spiritual-energetic bodies. When Immanuel codes are called for release, they open light currents of that dimensional spectrum into the spiritual bodies and into the radial cord which links into all of the spiritual body layers and into the higher spirals of light fields that directly merge into the God Source. Immanuel codes are horizontal and the masculine principle of light fields of current.
Mid Immanuel 10-11-12D
The Manu Codes in the Immanuel radial section of the HGS manual represent the Void or Still point of creation. The living eternal life force of God, is neutral, containing all aspects within itself. The void has all aspects of polarity, yet is non –polarized. The Manu code is included in the Immanuel Radial Code section of the HGS manual as this section of the dimensional spectrum is represented as the Manu codes that induct the energetic expression of the God source, or still point of all creation, the void.
Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 67

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