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[[Full Disclosure Event]] is referring to the highest level of extraterrestrial disclosure to earthlings that reveal the most detailed scenarios of our true hidden human Galactic History and not the manipulated [[NAA]] version of [[Archontic Deception Strategy]] of used to control the mainstream historical records of history since the [[Sumerian-Egypt Invasion]]. Humans would be briefed beyond just Extraterrestrial races, crafts and cooperative agreements made with earthly world governments are in contact with, additionally humans would be reeducated to know about [[Secret Space Programs]], [[Human Trafficking]] Genetic manipulation on planet and off planet, how earth, human resources and technology are used as bartering to trade to a variety of off planet civilizations and extraterrestrial species.
* Different ET Races and their Guardianship and genetic modification, [[Breeding Programs]] and other ET agendas involved int he grand experiment on co-evolving [[Consciousness]]

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