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[[Full Disclosure Event]] is referring to the highest level of extraterrestrial disclosure to earthlings that reveal the most detailed scenarios of our true hidden extraterrestrial human Galactic History and not the manipulated [[NAA]] version of [[Archontic Deception Strategy]] used to control the mainstream historical records to enslave the human population since the [[Sumerian-Egypt Invasion]]. Humans would be briefed beyond just knowing about the existence of the Extraterrestrial races, crafts and cooperative agreements made with earthly world governments, additionally, humans would be reeducated to know about [[NAA]] groups, [[Secret Space Programs]], [[Human Trafficking]], [[Mind Control]], [[DNA]] and genetic manipulation programs on planet and off planet, how earth, human resources and technology are used as bartering to trade for a variety of off planet civilizations and extraterrestrial species. [[Full Disclosure Event]] includes revealing the [[Power Elite]] groups and [[Negative Aliens]] that have abused power on earth and are required to restore energetic balance to make amends with the crimes they have made against humanity.
* Different ET Races and their Guardianship and genetic modification programs, [[Breeding Programs]], [[MILABS]], [[Transhumanism]] and other ET agendas involved in the grand experiment on co-evolving [[Consciousness]] and [[Polarity Integrator|Polarity Integration]] in our Universe,
* [[Galactic Wars]], Galactic History and hidden Extraterrestrial involvement on earth and how they have used the veil of secrecy to manipulate and influence all worldly human affairs, societies and belief systems (social experimentation),
* Hidden advanced technologies made available that would completely change the earth 3D paradigm with revealing free power and energy systems, reverse of aging and disease, end of poverty and slavery, etc.

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