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Twilight Mastery

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For more see [[Emotional Manipulation]].
==5 Warning Signs of a Cult==
1. If your spiritual/religious group tells you this is the only way to reach any level of spiritual truth- or is the 'only way' to go 'all the way'
2. If you are told that donating money, grants you favorable circumstances in your life- or that you will have good karma if you donate lots of finances to their wishes, or will get more good karma by serving the particular groups wants/needs
4. If your group says that leaving the group or 'guru' will make bad things happen to you or grant you horrible amounts of karma
5. If your group says that the guru controls of all your future lives
5. If your group says that it is necessary to have a guru in order to reach any level of complete realization<ref>[recognizing-false-or-corrupted-systems, Forum]</ref>

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