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Blood diseases and related issues from the cleansing of the “Wounds of the Christ” (resurfacing) as well as removing crucifixion blockages, manifest related physical symptoms. Heart, Blood, Circulatory and their cleansing organs such as Liver, [[Spleen]] and Kidney will need extra care. The [[Christos]] bloodline clearing has been active in my awareness since 2008. Many of the [[Indigo]] children are clearing these implants and memories now and have greater ease than an Adult Indigo. If you so feel guided I have included more on the topic of the “Wounds” of the Christ” from 2008 which are undergoing another level of massive clearing on the planet now. This is freedom for our race as we are being released from this bondage as we so choose to be! Commit to your meditation and spiritual practices daily!
Please note that most renaissance paintings depict the side wound of Christ as being pierced and bleeding on Christ’s right side. Interesting to me that the Guardians are saying this is a reversal (or mirror image) of the crucifixion holographic insert, (an insert is a memory being programmed upon our consciousness)and that the Spear wound is the symbolism of tainting the blood of Christ with “ karma” and was representing the implant placed on the 7th meridian ( [[Violet Ray]] Flame) that impacted the [[Spleen]] from being able to operate at its “spiritual purpose”. Please only take in what information feels aligned to you personally, I am sharing this with you for your information and discernment only.<ref>[ Communion to Confirmation, Newsletter 2011]</ref><ref>[, Wound Of Christ]</ref>
==Psycho-Spiritual Factors of Spleen==


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