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What I feel like, this is something that is connected as like a curse through [[Black Magic Grids|black magic fields]], so I'm just going to follow it. It's an entity that's holding something in place and saying he's really angry and he's like saying, "You owe me." Like you're supposed to give this to me, something like this. He's been adding a little tumult into your household recently.
So let's follow the timeline and can ask, again this is just about calmly acknowledging and recognizing that this is a [[Fallen Angelic|demonic force]]. This is a sort of an arm of dark forces that have been in control of certain energies in certain places. We know that there is a change happening and there is a shift that some of these [[Fallen Angelic]] beings are not too happy with. This has a family application so there is a genealogy and there is a genetic relationship to this. This is coming from family of origin and this has to do with serpent races and feathered beings and we're going back all the way into [[Blood SacrificesSacrifice]] and people in your lineage, beings that have been sacrificed to these lineages.
This is not new to us, I know this has come up before with you that this has to do with [[Mayan Timekeepers|Mayan relationship]], grid relationship, beings that are stuck on that grid relationship and entities that were feeding off of the beings that were sacrificed from these relationships. These are in the collapsing of timelines and in the understanding of soul retrievals, so this is sort of like a sense of an exchange of soul [[Fragments]], body parts and pieces that need to be released as a [[Curses, hexes, symbols|curse]] off your family.
Okay these are lower hierarchal beings that were placed on the planet and they were asked by - when we understand what [[Reptilians]] are and the Serpent people - they are very much into hierarchy and they're very much into, its kind of similar to a Hindu caste system where they believe that what you're born into is your [[Divine Right of Kings|divine right]]. It's kind of like if you're born into the royal line then God has given you the right to be the ruler of the peoples, this kind of fated/ destiny thing. So there are lots of beings that have been trapped or have been placed in the earth until the return of the "higher-ups" has come. When the higher-ups returned apparently they were not too happy with what had happened down here. It's like saying the beings/ Reptilian races that were in the planet, a lot of them are in the area where you live meaning they're underground there, When they were left here their job was to, as funny as this sounds, take care of the human beings on the surface, meaning this is our investment, this is our cattle; you need to make sure you do your job or whatever.
In late 2008 when these higher reptilian beings started to return, meaning that higher caste systems or higher hierarchies of these same "families", Reptilian families... because what I'm seeing actually in that area is something that looks gargoyle-ish. It has wings but it also has that kind of Dragon/ reptile-looking presence, it's like a dragon with wings but they're kind of like gargoyle-looking. What I'm understanding is that when the higher-ups came back to earth, they basically condemned them. Because this is the weird thing about the reptilian races of course is they don't have any loyalty for each other either. These beings are attached to a group entity field an hive mind, and they're - as strange as this sounds - defecting or leaving that particular order. It's like saying that there are beings that have been crapped on one too many times from this particular contingent and they have been left here to die, they have been left here, like threatened that you're just going to rot in hell and we're going to leave you there.
==Seraph Serpent Hybrids==

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