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==World War II Timelines==
What has remained hidden is that the [[NAA]] had massive influence on the cause of instigating [[World War II|World Wars]] over the powers accessing advanced alien technology for weaponization, technological mind control, space colonization, massive human [[Blood Sacrifice]] and soul harvesting on the [[Astral Plane]], and for world domination between the government cabals. The end of [[World War II]] began the massive organizational efforts for setting up galactic conglomerate criminal enterprises hidden in some of the [[Secret Space Programs]] to administer to mass levels of [[Human Trafficking]] for slavery, supersoldiers, and sex, earth humans are used as a commodity for trade with off planet civilizations. The [[Power Elite]]s refusal to reveal to the earth population the existence of extra-terrestrials, extra-dimensional entities and human off planet colonies and conglomerates hiding advanced technological abuses, while involved in committing serious genocidal crimes against the earth inhabitants, blocks access to [[Informed Consent]] of earth activities with intentional malice, deceiving every inhabitant on earth, thus, is harboring the Galactic Human Slave Trade. This allows these nonhuman and human criminal syndicates to continue to abduct multiple thousands to millions of human adults and children for secret military projects, sex slavery, food, play-pets, free labor, genetic modification and an assortment of [[NAA]] agendas to enslave and torture humanity.

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