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These many groups of people on the earth must be directed into another consciousness pathway or [[Shifting TimelinesShift|future timeline]] based upon their consciousness hierarchal level in the frequency fields. The bifurcation is the framework for the [[Consciousness Corridor]]s being outlined as the indication for future direction of the individual and where its group consciousness frequency will evolve in the next cycle. The [[Group Consciousness]] coalesces into [[Frequency Hubs]] which act as [[Reality Bubbles]] which synchronize into holographic frequency containers on the earth grid.
What is very important to understand is that these violent human groups, such as terrorist groups, work within a small range of low fundamental frequency. These groups are attuned to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakra or the [[Negative Ego]] mind control influence of the [[NAA]] reptilian hive mind. One must attune their consciousness awareness to a higher frequency than [[Negative Ego]]. [[Meditation]] and the focus upon one's heart and spirit is the frequency that protects, supports and informs where one needs to pay attention now. This attention placed on the inner spirit, spiritual consciousness, meditation, inner stillness and [[12D Shield]]ing, will protect our consciousness and body in ways we do not yet comprehend. There is nothing on the earth that is safer than being in one's own [[12D Shield]] and activated [[Lightbody]].

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