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False Timelines

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911 Timelines
==911 Timelines==
Because the original 5D Ascension plan was not achievable becasue of the [[False Ascension Matrix]] and the damage caused through the [[False Navel]] and [[False White Webbing]], it required our evolution through the time fields in the [[Harmonic UniversesUniverse]] s in the [[Universal Time Matrix]] to be drastically sped up. Those serving the [[Law of One]], are moving through extreme amounts of the future timelines, observing its collapse, in order to arrive at the Gateway Octave where the organic and eternal light is overriding the [[Artificial Machinery]] and replicated alien coding. [[False Timelines]] and False Software to [[Mind Control]] humanity was used to deter humans from their organic and natural ascension evolution. This is why this planet is called, “prison planet”. Meanwhile the negatives desperately cling on to the artificial timeline programs to influence humans through fear to manifest into their enslaved future selves as [[Negative Form]]. Some examples: Nostradamus Prophecy, Armageddon Software, Pestilence Programming, 911 Military Industrial Complex Revolution, any terrorist and cataclysmic inorganic event generated by the [[Negative Aliens]]. None of these manipulated programs are sourced as natural events.
==Timeline Repair==

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