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When we are present in the moment, aware that we are aware, the empathic ability of our [[Mirror Neurons]] to fire in response to the perception of another person, allows us to feel what it is like to be in that persons situation. This is the starting position for developing loving compassion by feeling empathy for others. [[Compassion]] and empathy are the cornerstones of love, they are the fabric that interconnects us to all people and things, connects us to all life, and form the foundation for [[World Humanism]]. When we are capable of putting ourselves in the other person’s body and imagine what it would feel like to undergo exactly what they are experiencing, we are practicing empathy. How would we feel if this situation was happening to us? The mirror of consciousness is reflected back to us via the mirror neurons, thus we can reflect upon our own sense of identity and emotional patterns through what we feel. We see and feel our own patterns being reflected in both the self, and the other. At this moment of self-realization, when we deeply feel empathy, we have no choice but to experience the other as the self. The sense of separation and isolation that seemed to exist between the experiences of the other self and the now self, falls away.
The more we travel in these neural pathways created in the brain by the [[Soul]], the more we practice self-reflection and empathy, the more mirror neurons we will generate, which shifts our personal [[Mental Map]] and potentially, others mental map. <ref>[ Bio-Neurology]</ref> ==Mirror Neurons and Telepathy==The physical [[Brain]] contains [[Mirror Neurons]] that act as reflective mirrors of another’s perceptions and responses. They read energetic information transmitted from another’s minds and then relays a copy of that information throughout the observer’s central nervous system cells, which generate sensations of empathy for another. Yet, when people are disconnected from heart and soul, they lose the function of [[Empathy]] and this state can digress into classic [[Psychopathy]]. Through our empathic connection we experience the emotions and feel the intentions of others around us, which naturally leads to experiencing forms of [[Telepathy]]. Many people experience forms of [[Telepathy]] every day and yet they are mind controlled into denying the existence of telepathic communication as pseudoscience. Telepathic communication is not limited to just the physical body, it is an inherent function of the [[Lightbody]] or subtle energy anatomy of consciousness, which becomes more activated through the [[Higher Sensory Perception]] functions that come online with the higher development of the spiritual bodies.<ref>[ Telepathy]</ref>
<ref>[ Bio-Neurology]</ref>

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