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==Albion Code and Cathar Code==
The Albion is in the planetary body as a sphere and it is the exact replica of an original 12 strand DNA human, the first expression of a human being that is recorded within the planetary body. The [[Albion]] is comprised of the architecture of the Universal [[Law of Structure]] that manifests as the divine human body in the [[Universal Tree of Life]]. The Albion is within the [[Core Manifestation Template]] of the human body, and the actual shape of that body is referred to as the [[Albion]]. The Albion is masculine in its principle, although it is genderless, it is a manifestation of the [[Law of Structure]] governed by the [[Cosmic Logos]]. The Albion exists as a cell in the body of the [[Solar Logos]]. Each of us exist as a cell in the planetary body. The planetary body is made in the image of the Albion, as it is connected to the 12 Strand DNA [[Silicate Matrix]] body. Each of the twelve spheres in the [[Universal Tree of Life]] represents a part of the consciousness of the auric egg that makes up the [[Lightbody]]. The auric egg contains color waves within the spheres and these are known as the [[Cathar]], which is the feminine principle. The [[Albion]] and the [[Cathar]], represent the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principle united, as the [[Hieros Gamos]], or the risen [[Christos-Sophia]] made manifest through the corrected Albion.
The [[Cathar]] is the mother principle of the sound, tone, music, and colors that fill in the Albion spherical architecture. The [[Cathar]] is the Holy Mother’s body which is the color tonal wave spectrum, and the living life code of the breathing Holy Spirit. The [[Cathar]] is Mother’s creation code, the [[Albion]] is Father’s creation code, and both have to interact and interconnect in [[Sacred Marriage]] to birth the [[Christos-Sophia]]. As they unite in hierogamic union, Mother’s sound tones and Holy Spirit can bring color waves into the base template of the Albion architecture. This sacred union generates new balanced creations throughout the matter worlds, as matter becomes spiritualized through the animating force of the Holy Spirit. <ref>[ Awakening Albion]</ref>

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