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[[File:Cathars.jpg|thumb|Catharism, Wikipedia]]
The [[Cathar]]s were a part of the [[Essenes, Christos Templars]] that formed into a group embodiment with the higher purpose to serve and protect the Mother of God principle, the female principle of both [[Mother Arc]] and [[Christos-Sophia]], the chalice principle of [[Zero Point]] flows, a flower grid deep in the planetary grid network. The Sophianic female principle is a part of activating the [[Arc of the Covenant ]] architecture in the [[Mother Arc Gates|Mother Hub Gates]], as well as Mother’s Diamond Heart networks, which allow the ability to open the planetary stargates [[Stargate]]s or ancient intergalactic portals. Portions of the Cosmic Mother’s Universal Body language is called the [[Cathar]]. In the Cathar body are multiple star languages containing the instructions set and fire letters [[Fire Letters]] for embodiment of the eternal [[Krystallah|Christos-Sophia template]], the time code that is the Universal Mother’s creation principle that is inherently coded into the planetary [[Dark Matter Template]], as well as the [[Silicate Matrix|original human DNA]]. These creation codes were stolen and replicated by the [[NAA]] and [[Fallen Angelics]] to be used in artificially controlling and enslaving the human race through the necessity of suppressing and raping the female principle, projecting a [[Bi-Wave Influences|bi-wave reversal ]] feminine energy into the planet via the spreading of [[Satanic]] forces for supporting the [[NAA]] objectives. The reversal female principle runs inverted current globally throughout the [[Black Madonna Network]]s, most of them set up by the 5D Vatican NAA entities and is referred to as the [[Dark Mother]], or Reversal Mother principle. The Cathars rejected the Catholic priesthood, labeling its members, including the pope, unworthy and corrupted. Disagreeing on the Catholic concept of the unique role of the priesthood, they taught that anyone, not just the priest, could consecrate the [[Eukachristic Body|Eukachristic]] host, connect with the presence of God directly, and witness another’s confession. The Cathar’s insisted on it being the responsibility of the individual to develop a relationship with God, independent of an established clergy. <ref>[ Cathars in France]</ref>
==Hijacking Mother's Coding==

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