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The [[Primordial Imprints of Separation]], the first level is shock, trauma and devastation; the second level is the lack of trust, lack of trust in spirit of course; number three is the betrayal and its polarity, abandonment, the two work together the betrayal and abandonment come in together so it's listed as one. The next one is fear, the next one is cosmic rage of cosmic anger, the next one unworthiness, the next one is shame and guilt, apparently that's the same vibration and the next one is feeling entrapped, so entrapment.<ref>[[ PSD #4 Cords Transcript]</ref>
# Shock, Trauma and Devastation
# Lack of trust, Lack of trust in Spirit
# Betrayal and Abandonment
# Fear
# Cosmic Rage of Cosmic Anger
# Unworthiness
# Shame and Guilt
# Entrapment
During the [[Ascension Cycle]], those particular energies of the [[Primordial Imprints of Separation]] amplify greatly in the worldscape, in order for us to see them surfacing and shift their impact on our consciousness. Let's say fear and unworthiness, the primordial imprints as we list them out, they actually became like physical things, like planes of vibration and these planes of vibration over eons of time of human evolution and having experience that imprint of separation; we started to now create, because these particular energies and these particular experiences had not been experienced before and all of a sudden they are created in the planetary fields and in the human consciousness. So we start to actually have these particular emotions and experiences that all come off the Imprint of Separation that we originally went through in order to have this experience on earth.
==First Harmonic Universe==

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