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==12 Tree Grid Architecture==
The Core Manifestation Body Foundation: The structure of the macrocosmic [[Universal Tree of Life]] is replicated within the microcosmic personal tree of Life. Individual Human anatomy manifests upon and within the multidimensional layers instructed by the core manifestation template – [[12 Tree Grid|The Tree of Life]]. Every aspect of the Universal Creation and life spiral are designed and instructed through these [[Blueprint]] structures built upon [[Sacred Geometry]].
* In the Fourth Harmonic Universe in 10D-11D-12D is the future earth blueprint in its crystalline form in the exists the three layers of the [[Aramatena]] or [[Aurora]] Earth Matrix.
* In the Fifth [[Harmonic Universe]] there is no dimensionalization into matter forms, therefore there is no planetary body or human forms. In the fifth density, as the consciousness does not manifest into matter, this area is called pre-matter. The three primal light and sound fields hold the ray expressions of [[Mother Arc]], [[Father Arc]] and Golden Ray Sun of [[Christos]], the trinity of the Godhead, from which all biological forms are created in all of the [[Harmonic Universe]]s.
==Genetic Library Source Code==
In essence, the holographic discs contained the entire genetic source code and blueprint architecture library for the [[Diamond Sun]] template, including the schematics of the multidimensional planetary body layers as generated from the original [[Founder Records|Emerald Founder Creators]]. In addition to the ancient wisdom revealed in the unifying principles of the [[Law of One|Cosmic Sovereign Laws]], the holographic discs also contain the complete book of maps and genetic keys that are necessary to gain full access into the [[Universal 12 Tree Grid]] holographic matrix from within the Grual points of the planetary stargate system. Access to [[Diamond Sun]] body templates and specific details about planetary stargate [[Quantum Mechanics]] are highly coveted by the [[NAA]] Controlling groups because they believe it is their ticket to ride on out of this [[Universal Time Matrix]].<ref>[ Emerald Founder Records]</ref>
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